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As I travel and meet other steemians, I will try to interview them as well.

Not only will this give @papa-pepper a great opportunity to learn more about them, but it will give you all a chance to either "meet" them or learn more about them.

Recently, I stopped in at the homestead of @freedompoint and @freedomtowrite, and enjoyed spending some time with them and getting to know them a little better. I'd already interacted with them online and talked to them on the phone, so it was excellent to finally meet them in person. Here is my interview with @freedomtowrite!

@Papa-Pepper Interviews @Freedomtowrite

For those of you who don't already know, this is the same @freedomtowrite who's married to @freedompoint and enjoys the free-writes and sharing perspectives on homesteading from a woman's point of view.

Yeah, that's her!

If you like what you've seen, please consider thanking @freedomtowrite for allowing me to interview her and give her a follow to see what she's up to.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

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It turned out so well! Thank you so much for coming and spending time with us! I'm excited to get my "Meeting Papa-Pepper" post up tomorrow...ya know...our visit from a female perspective! 😉


whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? we missed our opportunity to make LCL go viral?!?!?!?!

saddest day! LCLCLCLCL ;)


It came a few days too late!!


"We shall endeavor to persevere" ~The Outlaw Josey Wales ;)

You have been very busy nice one, I know you’re a man who likes nature so some of my latest posts might interest you, cheers mike

Lovely video.
Dread on!!

Check this Lady out!!


Thank you, friend! Hugs!

Wow....nice approach. It will help steemit reach new audiences and it will help it grow even further.


I just want to try to help other users and this gets them more visibility.

That's amazing that @papa-pepper gave you an interview @freedomtowrite! It will really give your account a boost with more exposure!! I'm looking forward to seeing your post about it too! Congrats! :)


Thank you! It was a lot of fun!

Who knew we could be friends and have so much in common across the miles @freedomtowrite! So glad I've gotten to meet you!


I'm so glad I've met you as well! I'm so thankful for this connection!

Waoh, Steemit is really bringing humanity closer, thank you for this @papa-pepper, will emulate this.


Cool! Glad to hear it!


You know, one thing I love about Steemit is that its whole essence is geared towards positivity, increasing human interactions, reducing dependency on government, its really a safe haven here.

This really nice @papa-pepper. We had a meetup this weekend and it was really fun. You really need to consider coming to Africa.

i really appreciate what you are doing for this society..interviewing new steemians make us to expose ourselves to new people :)


Yup, as I get around, I'll try to do this!

One idea just came to me about your interview videos. Have you thought about making the videos with dtube or dlive so that one can easily access them all in you channel?
I made my first dtube today, it was stressful at some point but I am glad I finally got it right.

Wow this is great. Having a great companion of the same path is always wonderful.
Im already teaching my lady about steemit. I need her by my side.
A lovely home. Thanks @papa-pepper for that wonderful visit. You are a great man

hii @papa-peper

nice Share post

dont dorget follow and Upvote me😊

My goodness, I started a discord interview section but it died off due to hostile treatments

This is however a much more improved version sir, I'm getting this people you interviewed are in the US?
Certainly, then maybe it's time you come to Africa.

Fantastic interviews expecially with @paradise-found


I would love to go to Africa.


Then it's settled lol it would be an amazing experience expecially with @gavvet in South Africa

Another great interview! An btw @papa-pepper I think monster-truck was wanting in on the action! 😊 Always enjoy the curiosity of the little ones...

Awesome interview. Giving other users some exposure is very generous of you, taking out time to do these interview videos. Thanks.

Resteemed your article. This article was resteemed because you are part of the New Steemians project. You can learn more about it here:

You are really an interesting man with deep sense of love in your heart, something i know you must have been used to hearing. Well done sir.

You are doing an amazing work here sir


Thank you!

Let us know if you're ever headed to New England. We'll make you a quail-egg omelet or take you to dinner.


That sounds nice! Thanks!

Another great interview papa p


Thanks, hopefully I can interview you one day!


Would love that

I would love to meet these guys. They live close and seem to be great people to know. It amazes me that there so many like minded people in this area.

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