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The interview is pretty much a breeding ground for the most incredible stories. You know, as an applicant, meeting with the potential employers in person and exchanging knowledge and creative thoughts is undoubtedly a story that can never be forgotten.

It is exciting, sometimes even funny, when exchanging ideas with your co-applicant. In which, this is a strange behaviour someone can engage in.

If truly you wish to have the best interview experience, make sure you don't engage in the following 4 behaviors I will be listing in this write-up.

Not only the lack of interest or unsuitable clothing, but also arrogance could sabotage your interview.

Engaging in these behaviors are a real “deal breaker”

73% of managers and HR personnel, solely see these acts as the first marking scheme, as they could see whether or not you are the right candidate that fits the job; this can be achieved within the first five minutes of the interview.

Nightmares of every staff member

When you are not interested, arrogantly smiling and over/under dressing; all these could cost you an interview. Although, these mistakes can happen to anyone, but, you must be vigilant.

It is apparent that an unbelievable behavior of some applicants can leave a deep impression on the psyche of both the HR personnel and managers conducting interviews. So, as an individual hungry for a job, you have got to take your mind with you to the interview room.

Read on and comprehend!

1. The Music Lord, but why?


During an interview, apparently, you could be fortunate enough to overhear your favorite music coming from the office nearer to the interview arena. I have come across an interviewee who started singing along. Ok, you also said it? I did when I experienced such, I said "this is crazy man, ohhhh I'm sorry" I was forced to exchange the final pleasantries with the dude and we ended it there.

2. Are you the UNPOLISHED type?


Somehow, like you are an applicant who is a fan of one of the interviewers, that' really normal. You have a his/her photo; that's cool. But, how could you take it along with you to the interview room? Hope you are not begging for job? Lol...

How about smoking? I mean during an interview. To some recruiters, you might be bold, and that's exactly what they are looking for. Yes! You lit a cigarette. But, you might meet a no-no sense individual, and how about that?

What about insatiably picking your nose, is that a bold move as well?

Are you with your phones? That's great, but, never should you disturb the peace of the interview with a saucy ringtone.

3. Where is your confidence? The insecure


People ask for a brief interruption during interview, that's normal if you are permitted. But, don't let the recruiter get angry with your behaviour. Some decent so low to the extent that when given the chance to make a call, they do but ask silly questions like: was the initial offered salary ok, that's the question directed to me just now. Or what about the candidate who, when asked "why do you want this job? He replied by saying, “I've come here because my wife was disturbing me to get this job.”

Of course you are free to celebrate a successful application process, since you are invited to a treat by the company, but be careful not to overdo it, maybe you are trying to impress the board.

Dr. Thomas K. Heiden, stressed during a talk with Experteer Magazine: “The biggest faux pas a candidate has made in the application process happened at the closing dinner. While he was with his future employer, celebrating his new working relationship. The mistake he made was, he was celebrating a bit too hard. I think taking five bottles of beer and a bottle of wine is too much for an introduction. Lol...

4. The Insatiable fellow


During a job interview, an applicant brought along with him, a pizza. Eating aggressively might have been a simple approach, but not offering any to the interviewer looks absurd. My view though... He might not take it, but this action explains how humane you are.

Hope you have learned one or two things here?

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