Clif High & Crypt0! (Predictions for 2018 & Beyond- Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Real Estate, Precious Metals, & More!)

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 🙇Clif High finally caught up with us to give the details on his latest report's predictions for 2018 and beyond. Let's just say that Clif has the next 4 years looking like the most exciting period in possibly all of humanity's existence. The world is about to be in for MAJOR upgrades & overhauls, beginning in just a few weeks :)

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Great over all interview with Clif.
So much to take in, listening a second time.
Wow? Silver $

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Great video! Can you do a post on Golem project? Would be cool to hear your thoughts. Here's my analysis on it:


Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 20.36.29.png

That looks pretty solid, But I'm sure me and other steemers aren't yet aware about Golem. Can you give us all a brief summary about them?

Thanks for this @crypt0 I hit this at 100% and re-steemed!!

Long Live Clif
Long Live Webbot

full steem ahead!

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great interview

Well done Crypt0

Great video as always dude.

Amazing interview @crypt0, can't wait for the next one!

@crypt0 Great Interview thank you so much for sharing with us
Clif High says there is good news coming, but not just for 2018, many years after :)
Keep going Resteem (y)

Clif High has been FREAKISHLY accurate on the crypto space for years now. Far more then fluke or random chance would allow, so whatever he is doing is working amazingly accurate for cryptos in general.

Great discussion. Clif is a wild dude. Coins mentioned:

Populous (PPT) - loves the team, will disrupt small business loans, expects big things in the long run
Bitcoin (BTC) - still the safest, predicts $80k+ in 2018
Ripple (XRP) - he hates ripple
Ethereum (ETH) - bullish
Veritaseum (VERI) - loves the team (don't remember what else)
Pillar (PLR) - bullish on team, the universal wallet, product launch timing is perfect

Also, a few more notable takeaways:

Buy Silver -- predicts it will be used for future tech ( increased value)

Disinterested in gold -- it's not rare (nations create artificial scarcity (like Da Beers + diamonds)

US Real estate -- some areas will continue increasing in value, while other areas will collapse (all based on regional banking health)

US Stock market -- will continue growing during this hyper inflationary period. Grow % will slow down over time.

Great summery thanks for that.

PPT: been holding since $2.50... they can take my PPT from my cold dead hands!
Bitcoin: Agree with his projections but personally dont touch it much (more of a LTC guy)
Ripple: Fuck Ripple...
Etherum: Same as Bitcoin, I agree it has legs but tend to focus more on the ERC20 tokens then the eth platform itself
Veri: Had some but lost patience, has a fairly major uphill battle ahead but has promise.
Pillar: Been holding since ICO + got more during dips. I fully agree the product launch will be PERFECTLY timed (not only the token wallet with all the exchange drama that is happening and will continue to happen over the coming months, but also with the the phase 2 ICO wallet set to be released in the summer which is going to launch at the same time as the next ICO boom).

Silver: Been holding for a few years now, mainly flat on price but I use it as long term insurance so I don't mind waiting

Gold: Why get gold when you can get silver... fully agree

Real Estate: Lower income homes will grow while Higher income homes will dip for the most part

Stocks: Agreed, perception of growth but nothing more.

Got it, throw all my money at the market before Valentines day, pull out around May and dump back in late July ;)

OMFG a Clif High and Omar Bham interview... Now I need to go buy some beer and popcorn cuz this is going to be legendary!

There are many individuals endeavoring to be terrified of Bitcoin! Some are responsible for the resistance paid by the financiers to do it, however some of them I believe are obliterated and mentally programmed. The individuals who are far from the bit bank will be sorry to learn halted by the national banks!

Much obliged to you sir for sharing

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Thanks ya, great content. This is the first time i hear about Clif High, he has interesting future predictions & insights. I watched a few other videos, very interesting as well..I didn't see any predictions on future weather, dunno if there is any....


thats awesome you were able to get Clif for and interview. It is very interesting to see if his data plays out. Very exciting time for crypto an sharing clif's knowledge is a great addition to your channel.

Thanks for doing that interview!

There are a lot of people trying to be scared of Bitcoin! Some are in control of the opposition paid by the bankers to do it, but some of them I think are demolished and brainwashed. Those who are away from the bit bank will be sorry to be stopped by the central banks!

Ethereum! <3 Such a strong buy for 2018! Great video :)

Did He just Go INto Flat Earth ...LOL... You Go CLif High !!

well thats more good to see with Clif High and good the hear talk and perdictions from his whole experience and i am really amaized to see him that her is active on all it in these age and talk on crpto and all other
well @omar really i found your blog really so halpfull and informative always like your today video and like your last every interviews and also your all own videos your own reviews on market daily
keep it up allways your great work is really help us and gain our knwoledge @omar

The Cryptonaught here, been following on youtube for around a yr and a half? Feels like forever ago.
I have to agree that since a child, time seemed to pass much quicker the longer the years went by.. Until I found blockchain/crypto! Since then time has absolutely slowed back down for me and a year feels more like three. Im calling these percieved year long periods of time that are actually only 6 months long a "Crypto Year"
I have sent an ETH donation in the past but didn't want my name flashed around, I owe you a lot more. Ive said this to you before but Ill say it again.. thanks for all the work you've put in, all the way from reporting live from conferences like the ETH one last year that got you into a bit of hot water..right through to the good old (and new) car vids. Champion! You were also the first person I heard mention cliff high. Thanks again!
Been waiting for many "crypto years" to see this video of you two together.
Last dividend from me to you is coming in 2020 so that i can make it a jaw dropper. Please don't change a thing mate you're killing it ;-)

Bro Your rocking It with these Interviews... Thank you for the work you do,..I Hope you keep getting these quality Voices and innovators ... You Rock Crypt0!!!!!!! Pure Gold Crypt0 knowledge~~

Great video Omar! I enjoyed the interview!

Previously, we were told that the pyramid of derivatives could save the world from collapse.
Now we are told that another pyramid can save the world from collapse - the so-called crypto-currency pyramid.

Thanks for the Interview! Didn't know Clif High even existed!! :)

What do u think about LITECOIN .
my friend buy so lot

bitcoin is really amazing and workable currency in the world

Thanks for a great interview crypt0 and interesting view on the future real estate markets from Cliff high.
you got my attention - here is my resteem

Great Video to start off my brand new steemit account. Great Information

very interesting, thanks for the information

I like your material. I'd appreciate it if you saw my material which you might enjoy too. I provide free technical analysis and look out for the crypto community. Currently over 70,000 followers/subs on social media platforms. Give me a shot! I may just very well improve your crypto trading game by 10x!

Thank you sir for sharing
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It's been a crazy ride so far, and I think 2018 is going to be even crazier for the crypto world! I think we're going to see a lot of people going after Anonymous type coins like Bytecoin! image

Thanks for your post
The central banks would always feel threatened by cryptocurency market. Truly in life whatever is doing.

wow...!!!! what a nice post @crypt0... thanks for share Clif High & Crypt0! (Predictions for 2018 & Beyond- Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Real Estate, Precious Metals, & More post... i really like your post


Phys for humanity

That,s a great post.Thanks for sharing.

If we follow Clif everything will be as he predicts. Lets rock 2018!

when was that recorded ?

(Video) The Art of rolling a Blunt - How to roll and enjoy a Dutch Master - How to smoke a blunt - by Jose Arteaga

Thank for sharing @crypyt0

I know crypto is best for investmet and 2018 is only time to crypto every coin you will se day by day uptrade

Great video very interesting. My favorite part is when you guys cover graphics cards and longevity that they will remain mining for awhile is very good too know.

This was pretty good according to the data sets!

Please behind the follow

Thank you for this video. It provides a great deal to think about. Peace.

it's very educational post.
keep it up, boss

Useful information. I am very careful

It's really good the way you are giving a good message to the world,,,,
I love your post,,, thank you my dear friend for sharing with #Us,,,,,,,


Thank you Omar for this great interview. Clif High is a such a smart guy, really glad to watch and learn from him. His predictions are amazing, at-least cryptos will be increasing in value in the coming years :)

Clif sounds like BS on your first listen, but if you go back in time you can see some of his previous predictions, that seem very low probability, do come true. Great interview. I'll be back in March

Clif should be called "Cryptos Jesus" due to his depth in this space. For those who heeded to his advice, they have done wonderfully well financially. It is still very early for this market, don't miss your chance.

I watched the entirety of the video, I think you asked him a lot of great questions and i'm glad you snuck in the flat earth one near the end. Keep it up man and check out my posts about Litecoin and crypto if you get an opportunity.

A great video as always.

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I remember watching Cliff High predict Bitconnect's fall and that it would be in January a few months ago.

Another crypt0 upvote!!

super amazing @crypt0. thank you for sharing

Great Interview Crypt0, thanks for all your great contributions it's always appreciated.

It was nice to have a guess being able to speak about so much topic is a clear way.

We will look at the futur with a brighter perception now ;)

This is one of the best interviews I've seen lately with Clif. Crypt0, keep up the great work you're doing within our crypto space. I appreciate the content... and by Clif reports are on the money! Better yet on the Crypto - LOL

bitcoin is the mother of all currency

Man I absolutely loved this interview. I really appreciate both of you guys for giving back to the community. That guy cliff is special. Thanks and salute.

Fantastic post friend greetings

This very good news update about cryptocurrency.It is very informative and educative valuable.You have included more detail about all currency update in this video.I mean it very helpful for us
This is very helpful for us.Thank you very much



also there is a one waiting for CLIFF HIGH :) just pop up

I always follow Clif High, great interview, following you on Steemit and YT :)

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