12 Steem bounty: Can I join two internet services together?

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So i have comcast at home and it is sometimes very fast but sometimes it is slow.

I have a 100mbps connection, which usually is 200-300mbps and in peak times often sucks. The upload is only 10.

TV from comcast is unwatchable.

So I am thinking of switching to FIOS. However, FIOS only offers 30mbps connection where I live. This is too slow for me. Plus any service has outages sometimes.

I would be very happy to pay for comcast and fios at the same time if I could join them together and have the speed of both of them.

Is that technically possible? Can we join both networks together and have my local wifi network use both connections at the same time, in a way where if they both work I enjoy more speed and if either one is out everything will be routed to the other one.

I am looking for:

  1. technical explanation why merging two internet connections is possible or not

  2. what sort of hardware i need

  3. Can I even have both comcast and fios in my house (assuming they would both use the cable coming out of the wall). If two cables do not work can I do it with a mobile and a cable service?

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1 - You can use 2 connections either together at the same time, assign devices to what connection you want, or use one connection for redundancy. Not sure what you want on technical side, but it can be done and is done at any business that needs consistent uptime. Think the first time I had one set up was 15 years ago.

2 - You can do it a few different ways, but the easiest (by far) is to purchase a Load Balancing Router. With these you can configure if you just want redundancy (if the faster connection goes down) or if you want to pull from both connections at the same time to split up the load. Easy purchase from Amazon, check the reviews and find a 4 star + with at least 100 reviews IMO. Here is an example of one, not that I know anything about it just happened to be one that came up in google with some good graphics to explain things...lol.

3 - I had Wow and Comcast at the same time recently. I kept both in case I didn't like WOW...if you can get WOW do it and dump Comcast! Anyways when I had both there were 2 lines coming to the house as each runs their own. If Verizon shows up and wants to use the old line tell them you want a new line as you need to keep the old service running for a few days while you switch over. I told Wow I couldn't afford any downtime, they charged me $79 or something to run new lines...totally worth it.

This is worth a watch:

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COOOOL Thank you. Super helpful!!!!


I am outside of Chicago, and you?

Glad that I could help...and thank you for the vote!


I live in the Philly area. And thank you for your support as well.


We loved Philly when we went for the 4th of July years ago. The city has an amazing party and firework show for the 4th and it was really cool being there on the 4th. We explored around the city, find some of the not so nice areas too, but loved seeing the architecture and meeting the people who have their own personality that I think is unique to Philly.

As for support, you are making my contest pay for itself which is amazing! I really wanted to recognize that fact in a post, but wasn't sure if you would like that attention or not. Some people do there thing and don't want other to realize it, others appreciate the recognition and it's impossible to know the right thing to do. Anyways if your ok with the idea I'd like to include a small thank you in next weeks contest post. Either way know that your one vote allows me to keep doing this without worrying about the money which right now matters...hate that it does, but it really does after the boiler blew up.


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Easy thing with the right firewall/router with two WAN ports. Those allow you to you the second port either as fail over or for load balancing. E.g. the one I have: https://meraki.cisco.com/products/appliances/mx100


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I would recommend checking out this video. They explain how you can connect two different internet connections and give the benefits and downsides of it. Definitely worth a watch. (NOT MY VIDEO)
I'm not entering the bounty, I know I didn't provide all the details to do so. Just wanted to share something that might help you out.


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Super helpful


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I hope you can find your solution. Check this please


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Dear @knircky You need a manageable switch to perform load balancing, and the concept is that, in addition to the network, you have a lower percentage to be offline. In addition, it raises the band and regulates the load, or balances it. The equipment usually has a mandatory WAN port and others that can do both WAN (to add load) and LAN. Maybe it requires a bit of advanced configuration.


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this is the video you use this for better . thats not my video .. bt it can help you ..


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in comparison with post without seembounty:
many and lond posts


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In Germany It's not Possible to have two networks. Because the structure is every household just get one signal from the provider 😬

It's good to reed it's different in our countrys. So I can hope Germany can have it too in a few years.
Internet in Germany feels like in the Stone age sometimes


Yes. Internet in Germany is horrendous. U could combine mobile though, although that sucks even worse in Germany.


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I would think that you could have Comcast install a second splitter in your coax distribution box on outside of your house.

Your box would then have two incoming coax - one from FiOS ONT and one from Comcast pedestal.

The Comcast installer would attach the new splitter to their incoming coax and then to the TV coax house-wide distribution system.

The incoming coax from the FiOS ONT would then only run to the existing actiontec.

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but there have a problem. because everywhere its not possible to have two connection/ network

In this case, I will suggest you do a mobile and cable services, just in case one is down. You can easily switch. Am talking about what am using right now. The network from the cable is poor and switched to mobile service which is movable.

It may be possible to combine the two. but definitely you have to follow the rules of life.

As far as I know, the "professional" way to do it is to have a router that can allows for multiple connections (more than one WAN port). Another very simple option that my partner was using is to just stick two LAN cards in your computer, but it requires some software setting up. I think it's the cheapest way, but I don't think it's the easiest.

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How to Combine Two Internet Connections check this site.



not quite my use case. I want the internet to be combined by my router not switch between the two

I personally feel steemify is the best app you should get working with.

  • The Speedify app interacts with the speed Servers within the cloud to seamlessly and efficaciously distribute all of the data transferred throughout your quite a lot of web connections.
    Channel bonding makes it possible to spread individual packets amongst multiple Internet connections. Via splitting your whole net site visitors at the packet-level even large single socket transfers comparable to streaming films, and importing and downloading files can be given a essential pace raise. It works in the background to support each app in your smartphone.
  • Hardware you should go with

macOS 10.10 and above.

Windows 7, 8/8.1/10, Windows Server 2008 R2 or above.

Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later on ARM, ARM64, x86, and x86_64

  • With the third one,honestly speaking i m not from europian country so i dont know much about the terms and conditions of comcast ...
    Maybe you should try to see this site may be this can help.
    How to Combine Two Internet Connections link

hi sir @knircky this is the best hardware that i will suggest for you the Mikrotek and it can possibly use dual ISP in one router. It is the operating system of MikroTik RouterBOARD hardware. It can also be installed on a PC and will turn it into a router with all the necessary features - routing, firewall, bandwidth management, wireless access point, backhaul link, hotspot gateway, VPN server and more. All you need is the MikroTik RouterOS. You can also use this in both mobile and a cable. I recommed this because this is linux base router OS and it is cheap yet very durable.
source: http://www.mikrotik-routeros.net/routeros.aspx

Just use satellite TV.


Um for internet? Sure


Ok. Just use sattelite internet. You were complaining about slow TV.

I think the question has been answered already - hence I just say hello - i would have not been able to help anyway. Happy surfing.

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hahaha. hi uwe!


Hi Philipp :-)