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For those who didn’t know, this is the talk by Eben Moglen that inspired four students in New York to launch diaspora*, the first decentralized social network.

Eben was talking about a solution though where you’d hold your account in your own pocket, so to speak. It was never about pods or federation.

Incidentally, this original vision is fulfilled more accurately by now in the form of a project named Scuttlebutt.

It’s an application that can also run offline, or in a mesh network without internet access. You can write posts and comments offline or in a local network, and things will sync up whenever possible.

(And no, it’s not “blockchain”. I use this project to show people who believe you need one to implement such a network.)

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What is the community mainly talking about?
The traffic is ok I guess if most people there have similar interests

don't judge by the traffic of that info site.

diaspora*, or the whole federation of decentralized social networks (so also including friendica, hubzilla, mastodon, and more; they all are inter-operable too in case you didn't know), is easily larger than steemit. definitely check it out if you want a lot of foss, linux, politics, without all the self-promotion and begging for money. ;)

too geeky though maybe for mainstream adoption. people are too used to the centralized facebook model, can't fathom the concept that people are on different servers and still can communicate, although that's exactly how email works too.

Sounds interesting. I like geeky. Thx!

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this video is so good. I watched the whole thing last night...

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