Problem Reaction Solution: Internet Censorship Edition

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Don't be an idiot! The government is NOT going to be the neutral arbiters of the internet and the big tech companies are NOT monopolies unless YOU forfeit your responsibility and use their controlled platforms. The answers to the social media crackdown are already here and it is your choice whether the alternatives that already exist thrive or die. It's up to you. Choose wisely.

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Great Piece James!
As always, you seem to find the underlying agenda that escapes the majority of us. This is SUCH an important point that I hope more people clue in to and THANK YOU for your steadfast support of alternative platforms whether they be Steemit/D.Tube, Bitchute, or other blockchain solutions you're right. It's completely up to us to turn away from these Tech giants and get involved in creating viable solutions taking away their power and influence.


The problem you illustrate and dissect here is exactly what caused the economic meltdown in 2008 - the banksters became arms of government, and recipients of tax dollars, essentially making the public their slaves to the degree we aren't able to withhold our financial contributions to their institutions.

I am completely on board with you in the ability we have to counter this ploy by slavers to further cement their control over us.

All we have to do is ignore them until they shrivel to insignificance and go away.

And, we have to do it. Those as remain dependent on all the censorial platforms demonstrate their intention to remain dependents. Dependents aren't sovereign. The sovereignty of individuals is the enemy of enslavement, slavers, and censorship.

This principle is killing our children, held in quasi-prisons called public schools, helpless in case of assault by deranged victims of social/government oppression/bullying, when the only allowable defenders of those children of sovereign civilians linger without and fail to perform OUR duty to defend ourselves and families.

It is killing us. Fight back or die.

I am glad to see you fighting tooth and nail to reveal the truth, that we may be free possessing it.


Excellent video.

This is typical hegelian dialectic at work.
Ideation → Negation → Realization.

  1. Let people have fun on privately owned social media platforms
  2. Start the crackdown because "these are private companies, they can do what they want on their servers"
  3. Have people cry for the government to step in and make internet a "public space" so that it can be protected under First Amendment

The hilarious thing about this is that it's the Trumpcucks pushing for this communist endeavor. If they succeed at this, it means that the US government will acquire the legal power to regulate what you do on your own web server... just like the EU has done with its Data Protection Directive a few months ago.


Take Pizzagate. It's an obvious PSYOP, but it serves multiple purposes at the same time.

  • Obviously, it ridicules "crazy conspiracy theorists who think that 'pizza' is a codeword for 'child sex'". Just like the fake, CIA-backed Flat Earth conspiracy theory. Pure smear campaign.
  • It syphons the public's attention towards a dead end: time, energy and money are spent by lots of people on making silly connections (which most of the time were 'left' there intentionally). Same as the 'Leaked Clinton Emails'.
  • It riles people up about THE EVIL DEEP STATE IS FUCKING CHILDREN ZOMG. This is being used by the actual 'deep state' to present Trump and Putin as "the Christian Saviours of Western Civilization who are fighting against the Satanic Illuminati".
  • It's a way for the actual bad guys to subtly tell you that yeah, they're fucking children, they've always done so and they have so much power over humanity that they can even tell you what they're doing right in your face and you won't be able to do a thing about it.

Hey I noticed this as soon as it came out as well. It's a very sneaky way for them to get their goal out there. It's always the worst solution, I don't know how many examples I can site from history but it's a lot.

Some more info regarding Jones and the current situation:

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Dtube and Steemit are my favorite social media alternatives in here, to be honest Minds and are also cool projects! :D

Sheeple will be sheeple.

Thank you for the video James. You definitely deserve some holidays.

Hello, James. An intelligent report. It seems that the game is still on, fooling people around. Starting now on Steemit and Dtube, after reading your videos on social media alternatives and also after others, like WAM. Thank you very much for the information an to present alternatives. Have a Japanese suny weekend!

James you hit the nail on the head. We need to be the ones to be the change we want to see in the world. We need not rely on government to make any regulation that suits our viewpoint. Yesterday I had a friend say to me, “ but if governments doesn’t regulate these platforms then our kids our subject to there influences!” And I had to say stop relying on government to do your parenting and start talking to your kids about these issues before they become an issue. Give them the tools that prepare them for these subjects when they come up!

Love this post, subscribed and great seeing you here on this platform instead of youtube! Have recently started shifting my main presence from FB,Twitter etc to Steemit.

I have not closed those other accounts yet since I am a musician and do not post anything except for my music related stuff and use those sites mainly to promote my music and creations. At the same time I am using those platforms to also share with others the news of steemit and dtube. Converting others to jump ship slowly :)

Many thanks, if these platforms start seeing the masses moving over to these sites, it will mean a revolution for society at large. I see steemit as a potentially huge gamechanger, especially in a world where more hard labour is being replaced by technology, and I believe the new revolution lies in the possibility for everyone to earn a living by following their passions and sharing it with the world and earning on the value of the content they share :)

@mysticravenpro is my music promotion blog, I do FREE reviews of music and art as long as I enjoy the work enough to be able to write about it. Free Resteems of artists starting out needing more exposure and upvote support from me.

Much Love all of you <3

Totally agree with you 👏👍❗️The stupidity of some of these alternative media dumbasses talking about nationalizing and turning some of them into public utilities is ridiculous . Those are communist actions ❗️ The government can only fuck things up more . I don’t see how getting them involved will do anything but make things worse . I say let them die OFF like MySpace . We are in alternatives and I really don’t see any lack of me getting my information here on DTUBE .

The Gab/Microsoft horror show this week indicates that even alternative platforms (that don't have their site registered in Iran) can be taken out...

Using alternative platforms is a better solution than Caitlyn Johnstone's "people need to get money out of politics and government agencies out of Silicon Valley so they can start acting like it"

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