Spiderman rescues the child, the father is playing the games

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Mamduu Gasama, who has rescued a child hanging in the Panchangala verandah, dramatically rescues He was given the title 'Spiderman of 18' for the rescue of heroes. But now the question is where his parents were at that time, what-or-doing. It was known that his father's irresponsibility was revealed. At that time Father played games.

According to the CNN news, the child is four years old. The child lived with mother and grandmother in a place called Re-Union. Three weeks ago, she came back to her repeatedly in Paris. Her father left her alone in a shopping house. Father worked in Paris. His mother and the second child of the couple will also be coming to this flat in June this year.

A case has been filed against the child's father for not taking proper care of the child.

The father, who lives in a six-storey building in north Paris, The child fell from the sixth floor and fortunately took away the Panchamtala Balcony.

The child's mother told the media that her father did not look after the child properly. He left his house alone and left. I can not accept anything that my husband has done. My son's luck is good. '

The public prosecutor said, after the shopping, the child's father was late to return home. Because Pokemon was playing late in the game due to his delayed return.
After the release of the news, people are reacting. Someone says that a neighbor was seen near a child very close to the child. But why did not he do anything himself before Gummauddin? The neighbor told the media that he kept the child's hand but could not pull it upward. Due to the middle divider of the two balconies, he could not pull the child upwards. He said, 'I did not want to take any risk. The child may have fallen down on his hands. I thought, maybe going forward step by step. "

Law enforcement officials in Paris say that if the child fails to care properly, the parent can be fined two years and fined 30 thousand pounds.

Mali Mamduu Gasama rescues a small child who was hanged on the balcony of a five-storey verandah in the capital of Paris on Saturday. Reaching the child in the building, the child was rescued only 35 seconds. For this work, he gave the citizenship of President Emanuel Makhon France. To save the child from heroes, Paris has given him the title 'Spiderman of 18' to Paris Mayor Annie Hedgelgo. Many of them are also telling the real 'Spiderman'.

22-year-old Mamudur's child was seen by hundreds of thousands of people in the social media to rescue 'adventurous' video. Mamdu came to France from Mali last year. Like many other Africans in Africa, he also traveled through the Mediterranean and came to Europe in boats.


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