Welcome to Intrepreneur. A How-To Guide for newcomers who are looking to get settled into the community.

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If you're a fresh entry then you might be wondering exactly what Intrepreneur is about. Even some of you who have been around the last couple of weeks might have a few questions. We'd like to make sure everyone has a clear picture of what we are thinking, and why this community was created in the first place.

As was stated previously, Intrepreneur's foundation is built on the premise of helping others be successful. We would like to see those who are just starting their journeys with us to be sitting in the same room with members who are already familiar with the territory that it comes with. Helping one another every step of the way is a big key to success.

When people work together it amplifies the potential that was once there.

That's something you can learn by reading a history book. What the armies of the world refer to as things like drill sergeants, or so-called leaders, in modern real-world society these same people could be considered as teachers or community developers. That is, if they weren't barking orders, but instead offering help to those who need it and are willing to accept it.

Imagine a society of people that helped their neighbors with no expectations of getting anything in return. That's what Intrepreneur was created to be.

Nobody likes being judged for the things they have no control over. We know how hard life can be when things get tough. A little friendly advice can go a long way. A genuinely kind person just being themselves can make all the difference sometimes. You might even be able to find an investor(s) for your idea(s), all you have to do is start making posts on intrepreneur.life and engaging with the community.

Don't just follow your dreams, start living them, and start making your own life better by being a part of something that is here to make leaders out of everyone.

If you have any questions please leave them below in the comments and we'll respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read our message!



All the best bro , thanks for sharing , very interesting. A+

Thank you bro...

@johnskotts I like the thought process behind this initiative, got a good chunk of posts on the block.

To be honest, for me personally, I feel like any blog with some amount of effort is okay. After coming to the conclusion that any blog could be considered a business and therefore entrepreneurial.

Best of luck on a successful launch, im sure its going to be Epic!!👍🙋😎

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Hi @intrepreneur

I just bumped into your account a moment ago and I must admit that I really like your initiative.

Will surely follow you closely in the future.

ps. I tried to refresh your site few times but it doesnt seem to work :(


Heya, thanks for your support!

I think it has something to do with the .life at the end but if you use https://www.intrepreneur.life it should work fine. If you leave out the www. and use https:// it gives trouble. eg. https://intrepreneur.life will not work. You can type intrepreneur.life and it will work too.

Thank you for being so responsive @crystalhuman

Would you mind sharing some link to post explaining what your project is about?


Thank you @crystalhuman

I hope your project is moving in right direction.

Since you're so responsive, I thought that perhaps I could share with you my latest publication and ask about your own opinion on discussed subject:

I would appreciate it greately.


Thank you for being so responsive @crystalhuman

Would you mind sharing some link to post explaining what your project is about?


that's what we actually need to do, tend a hand, we don't understand yet the power of the word and the good energy puttin on motion.

Happy to be here and happy to be learning. Thank you

Shout out to all the intrepreneurs out there!

Great to see you moving forward so quickly!

We're doing our best, thanks for all your support! :)

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