The Reward Pool is working! - What defines you as an entrepreneur? - Weekly quest for INT #3

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Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business. The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs. -Wikipedia


Hello everyone!

There's been something on my mind lately.

I've been wondering, what is it that truly makes an entrepreneur?

According to Wikipedia and most other commonplace definitions, being an entrepreneur usually involves starting your own business of some kind.

What exactly is it that would define a business?

Business: a person's regular occupation, profession, or trade.
"experts who typically conduct their business over the Internet"

By that definition it would seem, virtually any blog could be considered a business. Thus, making the writer of the blog another type of entrepreneur.

Does that make sense to you? Is blogging a business? Do you think that virtually anyone who is making blogs could be considered an entrepreneur in some way?

These questions come to mind when I think about what kind of content I would personally want to see while searching through

Thoughts? Comments? Leave them below!

I love reading them, and I will be sure to respond in as little time possible.

Ready for the next quest?

Me too!

This is how you complete it:

  1. Join the community inside the Official Intrepreneur Discord
  2. Publish an article about using the #int and #entrepreneur tags.
  3. Create an --->original<--- .gif with the intrepreneur logo and make sure it's the first image in your post. There are several places to make a gif, you can start at or by searching the internet for reliable alternatives.
  4. Share the link to your post in #quests on Discord.

Completed entries will be rewarded with 20 INT!

BONUS! Sidequest!
  • Share the link to your post on your Twitter feed for an extra 10 INT!
  • Share your link on your LinkedIn profile for an extra 20 INT!
  • Once you have completed one or both sidequests, put the tweet and linkedin links in #sidequests on Discord.

This quest and sidequest end when this post matures.

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We are a kind of micro-entrepreneur through Steemit because we are only getting tiny dividends from our business investments. The people who are constantly creating content and finding ways to really engage the community are the ones who are really turning their blogs into businesses.

Please if you have some time let me know what you think about this post I just made :)

Was a good read, thanks.

Great quest, I will be please to do this!

Looking forward to it :)

Yes! Blogging is a business.

The only exception, are online diaries, on sites that do not create any revenue.

But, if your blog is set up to make revenue, then it is a business.

That's pretty much how I feel about it :)

will be great to do a post like this, i think bloggin is Self-Improvement and as intrepeneurs we had to match or had a good variety of perks plus conections that allow us to grow, so, the best thing that can reach your bussines to a great zone would be the knowledge and selfwork that you're doing, because all our goals and steps are first spiritual an then came to material world, so, if your bloggin is some way of motivate yourself and put on a vibe of work, that would be exactly the vibe that i find creator.

I'm hoping to see it, you've got a lot of talent my friend. :)

I'm to busy with my ventures to do this. You had me up until asking us to make a gif. Oh yeah entrepreneurialship is not running a casual thing and sitting back for semi passive income, it's a constant hustle.

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No problem :) You can feel free to just make a post and probably catch a few upvotes on it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post during your busy day :)


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This is a great question! I have also been unsure of what qualifies here. I post fairly professional stuff on philosophy and social sciences (as that’s my trade), but I’m not sure if that really makes the cut. I’ve been meaning to try it out and see though. #int

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It's too highly debatable for me to wanna say yes or no, from my perspective, it's best to limit-less. We want this community to grow and the best way for it to happen is to allow for some expanding.


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