Top 10 Things I've Learned as an "Instagram Model"

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Hi, hello. My name is Gabrielle - you can call me Gab, Gabby, whatever. I'm not sure that I'll be directly interfacing with anyone anyway. I'm new here so I decided I'd write about something I know a lot about instead of trying to write about blockchain and looking like a complete asshole.

I've spent the past four+ years of my life modeling for professional and amateur photographers in professional and amateur settings. Below are a list of ten things I've learned throughout this walk I've been on.

  1. Sometimes you get paid, sometimes you don't. Both sides are fun. You may get product as an exchange for high quality images of you in the garments, like the tank I received below.

  2. It is unlikely you will get signed to an agency if you are under 5'7".
    I'm 5'3" - and a half - I've been contacted by multiple agencies and am always turned down when height enters the convo. What I've learned? Be upfront. Put it in your bio if you want. Some agencies and many brands will be indifferent if you have the right look.

  3. People statistically love photos with a lot of blue:

  4. Create seasonally relevant content - fall, christmas, nye, valentines day - you get the picture (hardy har).

  5. If someone wants to work with you, your schedules align and you love their work, go for it regardless of their follower count. It is just as much (maybe more) worth your time to create and collaborate with artists when you love the end product than when they have 10K more followers than you.

  6. Stay active. Even if you aren't spending hours at the gym, the endorphins and knowing that you jogged, danced or hung from sillks a few days out of the week will give you a confidence boost in front of the camera.

  7. Try new styles - lighting, setting, props, wardrobe (or lack thereof if comfortable). Do so frequently. This will diversify your portfolio and make you more adaptable.

  8. Do not allow any one person or brand to put you in a box. Find collaborators who support both what you have done and what you believe you're capable of doing!

  9. Feeling great? Document that shit. Love the skin you're in and you'll attract others who love what you do.

  10. Take time to unwind and unplug. Posting full frame photos of yourself on a weekly or daily basis and noticing which do better or worse can be draining. The photos themselves are so much more important than the engagement!

Thanks for reading!
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This comment is almost like gibberish to me! Looks a bit bot-like. But hey, thanks for the comment. :)

You'll do much better on here! Good luck!

Thanks so much!

welcome to steemit...hope you will enjoy

“Looking like a complete asshole”! Haha. You sound really genuine while talking about what you are comfortable and knowledgeable. Number 9 was my favorite point. While in the military I kept a “range book” and wrote how I was feeling during a particular long range shot and tried to replicate what worked best for me. You described the same point but with feeling confident.

I with @superdavey on this one. Your putting something genuine into Steemit. Looking forward to your future posts.

Glad you could relate and that I could make you laugh! Thank you for your service!

... 11. Create Value
You've done a good job :)

That is a good one. Give value. I tried to do that with this post! Thank you much :)

Welcome to Steemit! There are a lot of great tips! I don't consider myself a model but I am on-camera a lot here and on YouTube, so these are very helpful!

Rad, so glad you found it helpful!!

"Take time to unwind and unplug" means so much in my current point of life. Love your post. From a fellow blue fanatic too :)

Wicked! Glad it spoke to you :) Sending you all the unwinding vibes~~~

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You have nice photos I wait for more 😊😊😊

Welcome to steemit and glad you posted some pictures of yourself :)
You're a gorgeous gal Gabs!

It's true don't always get upset about getting paid or not.. in the end you both help each other out. I like that.
I can relate with my art.. I've gotten paid for it and sometimes I've done it for free.. even the exposure is more than enough as a payment for me.

I'm all about action! Even when I'm failing, I'm failing forward. Or at least that's what I tell myself :)

That's a good way of putting it :)
You're a strong gal :) you will achieve more than what you already have! Keep on working :)

Welcome to Steem @gabriellejanae. Feel free to follow me @kanasite and upvote. Cheers :)

Thanks, will do! Happy to be here :)

Love your introduction! Welcome to Steemit :)

Hey girl! Thank you so much, just exploring the platform now - any tips?

Welcome to steemit! good to see that you have a fit and healthy looking body and love your smile :)

Glad that I look healthy! Christmas cookies and cold brew is the breakfast of champions ;)

This is one the best posts I've seen since joining steem! Thanks for the insight and hopefully we can utilize this new platform for the better.

I think you're giving me a bit too much credit, here, Jay... eJay? Either way thanks you sound just as excited as me :) Steem-ing away

Feel free to follow me you're welcome brother I look forward to us being good friends ☺ ps I always follow back

I do not believe I am your brother. Maybe sister... of the universe? Yes. Also looking forward to being friends wowow so many new friends

Welcome to Steemit! The photos are fantastic!

Hello! Thank you so much <3

Very nice intro... welcome and enjoy yourself here!

Haha love this and your 'voice' in it. Good luck and thanks for not being an asshole!

Pride myself in not being an asshole. Thanks girl! I need all the luck I can get.

So nice of you to share these wonderful tips.. I wish you were in Nigeria, we would have worked on projects together.. All the same, Welcome to the steemit family @gabriellejanae.. Feel free to follow @kekegist and upvote.. I will do same.. Cheers ☺

Thank you for the warm welcome!!

Hey @gabriellejanae nice introduction! I'm also a new user, let's explore Steemit!

Woo! Hey fellow n00bie

Welcome to a platform that will make u forget other social media and modeling. Good luck :)

Hi there, welcome to steemit :) I've been here for a little under a month, and i like it a lot. The thing with the blue images is pretty cool, i wonder why that is?

I bet it has to do with stress, and blue has been shown (with green) to be good for that. And of course, there's a pretty girl in the picture lol

Interestingly, there's like a whole palette that game/movie/book covers will use to be more eye-catching. You've probably seen it too, but not realized it at the time. It's that blue/yellow mix they do that really stands out. Some of Brandon Sanderson's books show it.

That's a good point. I thought that blue was the color that disrupted sleep though? Which is why it is often filtered out by those different "easy sleep" apps. Interesting that it can help with stress. And sure, the pretty girl likely helps :)

I believe our friend @ahncha here is correct; it's relaxing. People are always looking for an escape, I guess.

Very true. I hope you like steemit so far? I can recommend going to, or discord to meet people there, the community is quite active :) Have a nice Christmas

You have an excellent Christmas as well! Thanks so much for the tip :))

Best of Luck Dear. Hope you will get all your goals and get success in your carrier.

Steemit is a great place.enjoy and make friend happy holidays from @mightymillions check out the link below if you havent already you can also follow @swissclive shes a great help.