He is famous but stays a good friend |Chapter 3|

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I wondered how I can better my grades. I knew the answer is surprisingly simply and right around the corner. The conclusion is quite ordinary: Improve your learning skills. Here's my little trick:

1. efficiency and quality

"Efficiency signifies a level of performance that describes a process that uses the lowest amount of inputs to create the greatest amount of outputs." - Read more: Efficiency 

First of all, have a quick overview of your material and create a list. Split it into sessions and check out if you understood each bit at your list. Do all practice exercises. Complete your list.

2. priorities

Personally, I love all aspects of learning. Everybody got his very own particular reason to sit down and study. Usually, you have to learn for school or university. So do I. Young people are normally very scheduled and even finding time for some homework is quite challenging. Therefore I recommend two things:

Do schedule your Life.
Do prioritize your homework. 

I highly recommend, do your homework during day time and get sleep at nights. Don't postpone your homework to the submission date. You like programming but you fail in math? Do math.

3. passion

Nothing comes easy and nothing comes free. The ability to learn is a thing that has to be learned itself. Mostly it depends on personal attitude, the ability to focus and the amount of endurance and patience a human being can offer. But nothing of that works without passion.

In my point of view, Passion is the most important aspect of all the points I mentioned before. Being passionate doubles or even triples the outcome of your input and so the result. This time investment will increase your marks and your self-esteem.

Thanks! Michal.

Success is about having someone you can look up to. Beeing successful is about being someone people can look up to. Thank you, @TimSaid. Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Another good story. I will like yours, when I get more power, at the moment I can't like anything 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

Thank you very much! You really inspire me to write more!

'Be open to new ideas' > look at crypto!

I'm definitely going to do that, mate!

I meant as another trick :) Cheers!

Now, i got it! Do you learn like I wrote it?