The New Beginning; Don't Stay Down

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The game of chess was one of my favourites in grade school. And what's was really cool was that I was one of the bests in my class. Even to an extent of beating some of the teachers I was opportune to play with. This continued until I met an extremely good senior student who defeated me like I never knew what the game of chess was. We rematched so many times and I always lost. I had to go back to the drawing board to rethink and draft out a new strategy. Even if I continued loosing, one thing was sure, I never gave up. I accepted my defeat and always worked towards success with optimism.


This is how life is. It is always tough even if you always win, you must definitely work hard. It's not like being the best was easy. Whoever I played with then always gave me a tough time but I came out victorious, sometimes. The games were always breathtaking, some really ugly but I carried on.

I had to plan, gear up with my knights, bishops, rooks and prepare for war. Sometimes we lost but it wasn't the end of the line. It was just a new beginning, so we rose again. Whatever number of blows I received, I had to try to give them all back with one. I kept on working because my enemies never stopped working. So if they don't turn over, why then should I?

In life, there is no such thing as what we call fairness. Look at the sky and tell me; what do you see? Clouds. That's how life is. It's cloudy, stormy, turbulent and it's never fair. It's never easy. But there is a bright side and we shouldn't be turned in.

If life isn't easy, it gives us a reason not to be easy either. If its tough like a rock then we'll become tougher, like titanium. Whatever it throws at us, we'll throw back at it in 10folds.

With optimism and perseverance, we can do this! First, we must plan. Take your time to make a good plan. When planning remember that there are

No shortcuts
No quick fixes
No excuses/procrastinating
No blaming others

Alright then, I have a plan. What's next?

Gear up... Prepare to execute. Get all the required resources. And when you're ready, its time for battle.

images (49).jpeg

Execute with optimism, strength and diligence. Believe that you will overcome and never give up!
In executing, do not compare your progress with that of your neighbor. The sun and the moon each have their own specified time of appearance.

No matter how long it may take, be patient, not by waiting in frustration but by being composed, calculating every possible move and its outcome, like the game of chess.

But then my plan failed! :(

It's okay to fall.
And no you didn't fail, unless you don't get up. Your defeat is just at that moment, for a while, but what's permanent is giving up. Good things will always fall apart for better things to come together. Every plan or road you take surely must have an end, whether good or bad. And when its bad, would you just stop there or move on?

images (48).jpeg

The end of a road or a plan is just the beginning of another. Therefore in this journey of life, we gotta be optimistic and never yield to the toughness!! And whenever we fall, we mustn't stay down, but get up and ride on, cheers!!

“You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.” —Mary Pickford

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I agree its not about your destination or the goals but the value you get from trying and failing, the lessons you learn that will stick with you. It will not only help you become more sucessful but remain humble and remind yourself to give back and teach others

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Wow, this is indeed amazing. I'm glad you dropped by and nominated my article. My hands are tied so I may not be able to help out with scouting. Nevertheless, I'll always be original and make good contents

Once again thanks for the encouragement


No worries! We all do our bit to keep this place going!

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Once again, thanks for the sacrifice!!

As long as we still alive @synick.. I don't think we should gave up on our life 😊 if life is a game, we should be the player not the set of gane itself 😊 and I like that you applied what you learned on chess to your life too. We can't win all the time but we can learn to win again anytime, right 😉

I found your post through @chekohler entry post in the pay it forward contest this week. Thanks for sharing and I like the way you send the message to everyone😊 keep steeming


I'm glad this reached out to you. All beginnings may not end well but there definitely would be a new one, another chance.

Great message, sir! I can't recall the last time I played chess. My skills must be really rusty at the moment. Oh, well, at least I've been playing the chess of life. But I don't know if I'm winning or losing. I guess it's a tie, right now. :-)

PS: I found your post because @chekohler featured you in his entry for the Pay It Forward Contest


Time may not permit us playing chess. As for your life chess game, with your statement, I have a strong feeling you'll come out triumphant soon. Just keep doing what you are doing and never relent. Cheers, :)

And you guys are doing a lovely job. Thanks for the sacrifices

Wonderful post @synick. The ability to keep going on after a failure or no is what shows your character. Everything is a struggle and takes practice. It's the journey that actually make us. Keep up the great work.

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Life lessons along the way. What matters the most is if we learned something when we fail. That is what makes the journey exciting and worth taking.

I found your inspiring story through @chekohler who featured it. Thanks for sharing it here.