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Fear not citizens of Blockania... I have gone nowhere. I am preparing to lunge...


No, no, no not that sort of lunge I'd do myself a mischief getting up to all that fitness malarkey. I meant lunge like a predator in to the next stage of my blockchain evolution. I have been clearing the decks ready for when my blockchain 2.0 journey re-commences. I have plans...BIG PLANS!

But some things I have had to learn the hard way... Sometimes that is the best and indeed the only way to learn. You see I have burnt myself out several times due to backlogs, my life seems to be filled with backlogs at every turn. I have been addressing important stuff, unimportant stuff and getting rid of physical, mental and metaphorical clutter and distraction.


It's a little like lining up dominoes. You can consciously line them up anticipating the satisfaction you will feel when you flick the first one and unleash that chain reaction of awesomeness. I see this as planning, setting those plans in motion whilst considering all the peripheral details that must be thought out in advance.


You can unconsciously line up dominoes, not even realising it's happening, slowly, surreptitiously behind the scenes I view this as being akin to sowing the seeds of your impending and ultimate doom. I believe this happens when we try and carry on as if the mounting up of unfinished matters isn't happening.

Well that just doesn't sound nearly as good, now does it?


You see, these dominoes are gonna come tumbling down either way, but it is so much more empowering to be in control of it, right?

I want to be that guy, who wouldn't? I have spent so much of my life feeling like the juggler who has the capacity to keep 12 blazing clubs in the air all at once when in reality that couldn't be further from the truth. I say yes to extra tasks and smile reassuring and explain that it'll be alright. I then tie myself in knots getting angry and frustrated at myself for not planning ahead and thinking things through.

No more!


I am taking stock of my life dealing with long overdue admin and some large family issues I have ignored as things that can be done tomorrow... James Bond fans will no the answer to that statement...

Tomorrow never comes!

So this is me, taking care of business and planning for tomorrow and next week before they are disappointing yesterday. I hit a couple of blockchain goals that were important milestones for me over the last couple of weeks, it seemed like the time to consolidate and go for glory but then the unthinkable happened... You may need to be seated for this revelation... It may shock you to your very core and send an icy shiver of fear down your spine...

My internet... gulp ... died...


But I didn't! Yup I can confirm that it is possible to carry on without broadband or indeed wi-fi.

Oh don't misunderstand... I'm not saying I wasn't climbing the walls, I had some pretty big plans for the future. I was just starting to find a little consistency, then this happened and interrupted my plans for several days. However as you may be sensing from the tone of my words, I used the time for reflection, evaluation and to actually plan and schedule some of my upcoming initiatives. You may even say I was glad for the distraction of so-called real life and nothing else.

I set my goals for phase II of my blockchain future... Some would say they are ambitious, but you get nowhere if you just plan to wake up, get dressed and brush your teeth tomorrow, right?

You will hear more about these goals in the coming weeks and months. But for now, just know that the last week or so has been spent in preparation for my next chapter. But also know that these goals are not just for the blockchain. I intend to have some fiction published off blockchain too. I have some pretty ambitious goals for my health and well-being too... I hope this may lead to a Discord show in collaboration with some cross-chain friends too, but I am not gonna run before I can walk with this idea.


The first shoots have begun to sprout.

This week I have penned the details and format for an upcoming contest I shall be running and on the health front I have started making small changes to my diet and intake and have lost 5 pounds in around 4 days - That's a little over 2 kilo's if that's how you understand it best. These accomplishments are not gonna change the course of the world but show the new journey we can embark on with a little planning and forethought, in a very short time.

So I will be back regular as ever... In-fact more regular than ever in the next few days with a new lease of life and ready for that lunge I mentioned...

You never know... I may even...


But let's not rush things, Ok?

I look forward to sharing the journey with many of you who I have no doubt will go from strength to strength because you know what I always say...

Together we are just better. ❤️



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I'm looking forward to seeing you accomplish some of your blockchain goals.

I’m a mistake makin fool! Anyone who says they’ve ever got anything right on their first try can’t be trusted. Good luck with your upcoming venturesc @stevenwood.

Eh, I’ve been pretty heavy into fitness a few times in my life, this current streak has been active since about 2013, it’s just a part of my life now. If you have a specific goal or goals and have questions, I may be able to fork get it? out some help. 👍🏿

I am glad to hear it my friend. Getting things perfect first time is in many ways an event that teaches us nothing. It is only through messing up, sometimes repeatedly that we learn the right way, ((or even just another wrong but better way)) to do things.

I'll not patronise you with the Edison quote about finding numerous ways to not do the task, re-framing his perceived failures that way, as I am 100% certain you will be familiar with it already.

As for the fitness stuff, kudos to you in taking care of yourself rather than making excuses about why everything is so hard to do and citing time and motivation as reasons not to... I am certain you are all too familiar with the disturbing trend amongst those human creatures we all meet from time to time.

Thankyou so much for the interaction and incredibly kind offer, respect on being one of those who still takes part in the long forgotten, archaic, art of engagement, it is always massively appreciated 🙂

As for the fork-pun... I pretended not to see it, I thought it kinder for the both of us 😄

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Taking a step back, breathing in, and looking at your projects from a distance is necessary to remain sane when you have projects. Else you dive nose-in, and you can only see that, and then when you achieve it, you realize that you haven't done nearly as much for yourself as you have done for the project, it takes away a lot from the feeling of achievement. Plus if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it, then odds are you will not be able to do anything more for the project and will go straight into a burn-out you can't come back from.

Have Fun!