Receive the Universe's Gifts (podcast/video)

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Some people seem to have all the luck - being able to travel the world, getting money, attracting romantic partners. And sometimes it really is luck - just a genetic accident or having the good fortune of being born in the right place. Many times, it's not just luck, but an awareness of their surroundings, a willingness to try new things, and a mentality of readiness for opportunity.

In this world, it's possible to make all kinds of connections, find all kinds of people, help them reach their goals, and allow them to help you reach yours. However, these gifts generally don't come in the way you expect them. If you ever catch yourself saying things like "I could never do that..." or "I hate money" you may be putting up blocks in your life that prevent you from reaching abundance.

In this episode, Kurt explains his perspective on how sometimes, "luck" is actually the result of awareness, open-mindedness and preparedness. He explains how being open to love in different forms can help you be more fulfilled, how the next level of wisdom will always appear bizarre to you, and practising mindfulness meditation can bring you to new plateaux of prosperity. Join me on another heart-breaking, hair-raising, life-giving episode of... The Paradise Paradox!

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Kurt, I love your dedication to sharing the love. You are an asset to humanity. I used to use that joke (guy on the roof) when I was doing my public speaking circuit. I think we all do that on some level, we pray, then we wait for the big hand to come down out of the clouds, meanwhile ignoring/not recognising what the universe manifests for us.


Thanks Bob, that's a very kind thing to say. You getting on Steemit is a great example of recognising an opportunity and taking advantage of it.

such a great post to read in the early morning
thank you for your effort
and wish you a wonderful day


Thanks for your kind words and wishes.

it made my day dear. such a nice post. keep sharing like that. stay blessed <3

There is a gift after every difficulty

it is a very interesting subject, I have always enjoyed to discuss.

I really like your description of the show here. There are so many different forms of love, just as there are many forms of wealth that isn't money! And yes, the bizareness is so damn real lol. This crypto space is definitely re-writing the rules for me in terms of how I live and operate for sure!

I'm gonna go make some tater tots then go watch this!

Thanks for sharing brother! I'd love to hear your thoughts about my recent post: How To Fuel Flirtation And Ignite Irresistible Interactions