Are you the Bullied Kid? or the Bully One

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What is Bullying ?

According to the Wikipedia "Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others."

Why some People do Bullying?
Is it because they want people scare to them? Or is it because they do bullying because they are bullied to.

My opinion is, maybe some of bully, or all the bully if I'm correct are being bullied to.

Because for me, you won't hurt other person if you care and if you that it hurt that person,right?!

If you are bullied,you will find a person that is smaller than you, so that you can explode on that person, but that is wrong

God teach everyone to love others even they don't

Am I right?

This is my opinion


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Thanks for the post.

Bullied or Bully
Within each one suffer from the same emotional wound. They do not cross by accident. And bullying is a way of manifesting this wound, although each one does it his own way.
I was a bullying child. Today I know that everything happened because I did not know the attitude I should take in that situation.
Fear of being rejected ... The fear was so big that I blocked it in situations of mere joke. This was the motto for suffering physical or psychological attacks. And while I did not realize what caused these situations, I continued to experience identical problems into adulthood.
Self-love and self-awareness are the best way to get past the emotional wounds that we bring throughout our lives. Only in this way will we be able to end the status of victim and aggressor.

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People that bully at one point were taken advantage of themselves. They use control over others because at one point they felt helpless themselves. What to do about it? I hope that schools and parents become aware of the signs and get them the help they need so they see that it's not the answer.