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This week has sure been a crazy one! Did you have a stressful week, or is life just getting you down?
Have you said to yourself....."I am doing EVERYTHING I know to live right, and Life is still kicking my butt!" Well, if you feel that life is not fair, try this......


Get your FAVORITE coffee cup, fill it with hot coffee, and whip cream, and make a warm gooey cinnamon roll! Then spend a few minutes being thankful for ALL the things in your life that you DO have! (Now if coffee and cinnamon rolls aren't your thing, find what is YOUR comfort food....and go with that!) Lol! For me a cinnamon roll IS a piece of heaven! LOL

The point is, you can't change what happened in your week, but you can change what you do next. Don't give up!
My niece @gringalicious, is a food chef. She had an ATV accident a few weeks ago. She broke her wrist and bruised her legs and knee up pretty bad! It was awful! She couldn't do ANYTHING with her arm or even walk! She was SO bummed! But then we watched the movie "Soul Surfer" about the girl who's arm got BITTEN OFF by a shark!!! What a change of perspective! In a few weeks her suffering will pass, and her arm will be fine, and NOT GONE! I am SOOOO grateful just to have her today! I can't imagine what life would be like without her!


you can read more about her story HERE

The point is....instead of feeling defeated, be SO glad that you are ALIVE today to try again! Be happy for what you DO have instead of worrying about what you DON"T have! Don't be an Eyeore, be a Tigger instead! LOL! I promise it is way more FUN!

Call a friend, hug your kids, tell someone you care about that you love them!.....They may need it as much as you!
Today is PRECIOUS, so don't waste it.......Because Life IS a donut....or a cinnamon roll!




Thank you for the powerful reminder of how blessed we all really are. I hope your niece will be fine soon. She's a favorite here. Now following you.

She's a favorite to me too! I am SO thankful she is still here with us! I appreciate you following me, and I will gladly do the same for you! Have a wonderful evening! Thanks!

Well, well! I didn't know @gringalicious was your niece. I love her! Prayers to her. Yes, God, coffee and cinnamon that order. I certainly have my down days but try to remain positive with God in my life and knowing that "things" can be a lot worse. This life is just a speck in time. Hugs and thanks so much for the post. Tess :)

I love her too! She is an amazing person. Thank you for your sweet reply!
Have a wonderful blessed holiday!

Hi! I love this post it SOUNDS and LOOK delicious! I love that PERFECT combination with or without EXERCISE! LOL!Stay Blessed!

Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Omg that’s so awesome!

Thank you SO much! Have a great weekend!

Thank you! Have a fun day!

Is jesus in the cinnaroll?

Well, maybe not IN the cinnamon roll. But when I eat one, I do feel like I'm close enough to heaven that he's here eating it with me! Lol

AWESOME!!! I love cinnamon rolls

So thankful for @gringalicious, too! 💓
Can't wait to have me a cinnamon roll with you! 😄

Oh, I can't wait until I can make you one!......Because that means you will be here with me!

I don't know how I missed this post!! Probably because I'm following too many people!! Thanks for the encouragement!!!

Hey my friend, I appreciate the resteem! THANKS!!

Aw! I love love your words! You're always so passionate! I love you!

Thank you! I am grateful for you too!

You're welcome!

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Ohhhh, Thank you SO much!!!

Someone I studied bread making with had a similar experience. During and ice-storm, he fell while taking the garbage out and broke his wrist. He had to quit the course. Since he was already a trained cook, and was working as one and starting his own catering business, it must have been a blow to him! But, a only a couple of months later, there he was making excellent breads at home, and posting pictures of it on social media. Breadmaking is hard on the wrists, but he didn't give up. Best of luck to your niece, and a speedy recovery!

I really appreciate the encouragement! She is healing nicely! I am SO grateful for her!
Thanks for your reply. Have a great weekend!

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