Bill Gates Has Been A Great Inspiration To Many

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When you hear this name, it's very easy to pinpoint who he is, he has become one of the worlds most popular person and is today celebrated world wide. 

William Henry Gates the third was born on October 28th 1955, he was born in Seattle, Washington, USA. He is known to have descended from English, German, Irish and Scot-Irish backgrounds. 

His parents were well respected in the society and people who often visited them could testify to the greatness in this family. His father was a well known Lawyer and his mother was part of the board of directors for First Interstate Bank system and united way. 

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Now we know a bit of his early life, his foundations and all that, let's really know he is or was as the case may be. He is called alot of things but one prominent name which he is popularly know by is an American Business Magnate. He is also an investor, Author, philanthropist, humanitarian and most importantly the principal founder of Microsoft. 

He launched a man called Paul Allen launched Microsoft on April 4th 1995 aimed to develop and sell basic interpreters for Altair 8800. Later on it evolved and dominated the personal computer operating system market with ms-dos in the middle of the 1980's, followed by Microsoft. Microsoft became the worlds largest personal computer software company. 

Since 1987 till date, Bill Gates has been included on the Forbes list of the worlds richest persons. He was regarded and certified as the worlds richest man from 1995 up till 2017, unfortunately he was surpassed by the owner of Amazon whose name is Jeff Bezos. 

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Although at the moment, Bill Gates net worth is about 91.1 billion dollars and has the tendency to increase and even get back the number one spot of the worlds richest man. 

He has done and achieved many great things, that the world still is grateful for, many children and adults alike look up to him. He has showed good business sense and ability to convert and multiply millions. He wrote several books which are; The road Ahead, showing up for life, level 6 pack, Business and so many more. 

His company is also responsible for the creation of the gaming console named X-BOX which has been a source of income to the company and gamers world wide. 

So in reality, wealth is not only the Amount of money one has but also the mind set, money isn't built with greed or bad virtues. It takes time and good habits, character and hard work. 

image credit: Pixabay

Most young people today fantasize about money and getting it without stress or hard work, they seem to think life is a bed of roses and when they look at celebrities today, they see life in wealth and without stress but in truth, there is either undergoing hard work or some kind of hard work which has been done which has laid a foundation to what we all see on the outside. 

So learning from Bill Gates or using him as a role model, there is much to learn and imitate from him.

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