We Don't Have Time To Be Jealous!

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"I'm so jealous!"


Why are we allowing ourselves to be enslaved by violent thoughts that attack us from within and prevent us from living our best lives?

How many times have you thought those words or have heard them voiced to you?

"I'm so jealous!"

When someone says "I'm so jealous" to me, I always say "Don't be jealous, do it too!"

See, jealousy is a dreadfully wasted emotion that serves no higher purpose in anyones' lives and therefore, why are we even wasting any time with it?

I don't know about you, but I sure don't have an unlimited clock to waste my time on that kind of habit!

Jealousy is bred from feelings of inadequacy, insignificance, lack of confidence, unhappiness and judgment of it all. It looks at something wanted and paints it over what's had and then compares the difference.

What about changing the perspective to positive feedback like "I'm so happy for you- I'd love to do that one day!" or "That looks so fun, I am going to do that next summer!"

Action statements breed reality. If you're stuck sitting around looking at photos wishing you could be there, do that, eat that, see that, whatever... you're not bringing about positive, intention into your world-view, you're allowing excuses to rent space in your brain! That makes a huge difference between attaining your goals/visions/dreams and just wishing your time away.

Next time you see something that invokes the feeling of "jealousy" try to reframe it and spin it to better your own life! When we put out excited, happy, confident, encouraging energy into the world guess what we get back? THOSE ENERGIES!

Give it a try!

Love, Cece 😍
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Jealousy not only develop negative thoughts in our mind but it directly influence on our health as well. It just spoil our health nothing else.

Absolutely! An unhealthy mind is filled with what it wants and not what it's thankful for already having :)

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Cool! I haven't won anything around here in a hot minute :) Thanks for the support (as always!) <3

Sending those positive thoughts out - well done!

Gotta swoop in once and a while and spread the heart around ;) You know me! <3

Be the Light!

If you desire something then make all efforts to gain it rather than making castle of your own. Why to feel jealous of others if you are not capable of you fulfilling your own desire

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I completely agree! Yet many of us look at others and want and wish for what they have instead of being thankful for what they already have and putting their own dreams into reality :)

Haha...people just waste time in making comparison rather than achieving their own goals.....thinking is just waste of time .still hard to make them understand the basic life logic

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We all have our own priorities. The skinny guy wishes he could have icecream. The fat guy wishes he could have abs.
They've each made their choices, and in turn, their choices have made them.
You're talking about envy, though.
Jealousy is a fear somebody will take what you have.
Envy is a desire for something another person has.

What you hear most people say and what I'm referring directly to here is in fact jealousy and the commonly used phrase "I'm so jealous" which is exactly as harmful as "I am so envious" though, you rarely hear people say that in those words.

feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages.
"he grew jealous of her success"
synonyms: envious, covetous, desirous;

I hear you, so much time in the mind is spent wanting what we don't have and even placing ill feelings on others that have what we want. In any and all cases, gratitude, being thankful for what we do have is the cure to all of this mental anguish. :)

Great post & positive vibes!
Steem on :)

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Thank you- that's always been my reason for being here :)

Great post! We should compare ourselves only to past versions of us, not to other people.

Comparison is a slippery slope because it requires judgment but being thankful and showing gratitude is the best way to foster love and happiness in our lives :)