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So I say, one of the greatest lessons of life is that nothing will change unless you change. Nothing will get better unless you get better, it's not about circumstance, it's not about luck, we all get the good and the bad, we all get the challenging events that arrive in our life's, that's a normal part of being human. I'm talking about what you choose to do with those circumstances, if you are waiting for the economy to change, if you are waiting for your paycheck to change, waiting for your relationship to change, waiting for something to change. Nothing will change. If you want change, you must change, when you change, everything will change for you, if you want better, you will be better and when you get better, your life will get better, you must work on yourself more than you work on anything else, you must add more value to others than anyone else does. Take a step back and look at your life closely, what can you improve? Be honest with yourself in every area's of your life. What can you improve?
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If you are being honest, there will be many areas you can improve. If not :you're either not human or you're lying to yourself. Commit to work on improving those areas, remove everything unimportant in your life that could got you sidetracked from your Goals and Purpose, anything that take you further away from the life you want, Eliminate It. It might be TV, It might be people in your life, It might unhealthy habits, You know what it is. Look with In, be honest with yourself. This is your life we are talking about, Nothing is more important, be honest with yourself, be strong, have the courage to live the life you want to live. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, Nothing will change unless you change, Nothing will get better unless you get better. It's all about you, the road to success is hard but it isn't impossible unless you Quit, Stick it Out, Suffer through, Show your character and one day they might speak of you. YOU THE WINNER, YOU THE CHAMPION,The one who didn't Quit, The one who fought back, fought with Heart, with courage. If you're like most, you'll take the easy path, you won't take action, you can decide right now to make a change, you won't take action right now on changing your life. But you are not like the rest, you wouldn't have been reading this. If you decide right now. This is It!,I will take action right now. The second i finish reading true this, I am going to set up my life to WIN. All the things that take me further away from the life i want :OUT. positive daily habits:LOCKED IN. working on my self daily :LOCKED IN. Reading more, learning more, committing to be better everyday :LOCKED IN.I will receive better because i will be better, I will get change because i will be Change...

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