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A pen, not just any pen a very beautiful, made by an artist, this pen had the ability to adjust to the writers hand size and writing style, giving him or her the needed comfort, and even assist the writer, that his writing comes out neat

Its ink different, not like any normal ink it doesn't finish, but expire, when it does expire which is one year from its creation, it losses its ability to write.

So john happened to purchase this magnificent pen, he ordered it, and happily received it, then he tried out all its great functions and it worked perfectly, the pen adjusted to his hand size and all but when he tried to use it to write, it refused to write, he tried and tried again, the pen did everything but write, disappointed he threw it in his cupboard and forgot about it, the pen had lost meaning to him, yes it still had all its great abilities, but it couldn't write which made all those abilities completely useless and MEANINGLESS.

After a year that pen expired, in other words it died.
Hmm... now i ask, which is more tragic the fact that the pen expired, or the fact that it had all those capabilities and never utilized them? Wouldn't it have been better that the pen not even exist, than to exist and not fulfill the purpose for its existence?

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This story paints a picture of the way we have been as people, everyday we hear and see people die, people filled with great ideas, Million dollar ideas, gifts of singing of writing, they come, live and die and never use these great potentials, what a tragedy! All that power, all that wealth WASTED!

Every creature that exists lives on instincts,that is they react to circumstances throughout lives what ever they do is a reaction to something ,but humans are very different we can actually create the circumstances,not just react to them, that's why we have the gift of imagination,so we can participate in creation, no other creature has that power, you are carrying so much power to create the kind of circumstances you want in your life, but alot of us don't ever realize this, we come live and die being pushed around by circumstances with the power in us to actually control those circumstances, to make anything possible... What a waste!

The control of circumstances is called DOMINION, every human being comes to earth with GIFTED, which when served in the fulfillment of purpose results in dominion, how do you dominate, this is how you do it

Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”
Genesis 1:28 NKJV

Be fruitful there doesn't mean to have have alot of children, you were created to DOMINATE, now tell me how does having alot of children give you control over circumstances, it actually means to self produce, just like a seed self produce a tree, every human being is born gifted be fruitful means produce the gift on the inside.

This is the reason there are so many poor people on earth, though they have potential, they have neglected the first rule, SELF PRODUCE and creation , a lot of times they say there is no money in Nigeria, "economic crisis", but the fact is no money has left the earth, all the money they say is missing, is in somebody's hand. Money is attracted to self creativity and production.
Until you self create and produce, your financial state will always be at the control of somebody else.

Wow imagine that power and human beings come here and live frustrated lives,
The fact is you'd ask oh God what is my GIFT what can i self produce, sometimes we go to church, fast, pray and never get this answer, you know why, because you were born with it... Its called an IDEA, that idea you have on your mind that has refused to go away that is God speaking.

I used to think the most tragic thing that could happen to a person was death, but i came to realize something worse, the most tragic thing that could ever happen to a person is LIFE ,life that fails to fulfill its purpose and potential.
A pen with all those great qualities that couldn't even write, what a waste, humans with all that great potential and still die frustrated Broke, and sick, what a waste!

I ask that you choose not to repeat this cycle, choose to self produce what is on your inside, don't waste your God given gifts working on a job, careers come and go, but the gift you were born with its UNTAKEABLE, UNFIRABLE, UNSEIZABLE, UNSTEALABLE.

Self produce and take control of your own financial freedom, because that who you were born to be, IN CONTROL.
Till we meet again, stay great!


It's time to be more intentional about life and start using our "pen" productively.
Thanks for sharing this.

Your #Soulfriend

Greatly coined!


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