Meaningless meaningless meaningless!

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Go to school, if we can't we hustle.
Get a job,if we can't we start a business.
But we must make as much money, as we can,cause man must flex life o, do whatever the heck we want. This is the dream!

Mehn this is good stuff, but something seems wrong here, 8 billion people are supposed to do that, and the next generation after us the same thing ,go to school get jobs pay bills die, if we are going to all be doing this, it makes the whole of mankind seem meaningless and of no essence.
That means you and i are just another round in a cycle...hmm no! i don't think we are, you mean God spent all that time creating man so that we could repeat cycles,life is definitely more than that.

Truth is God made you and every single one on this planet for a purpose that is beyond paying bills, something great something important , and what's the proof of this statement.

In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out EVERYTHING in CONFORMITY with the purpose of his will
Ephesians 1:11 NIV(emphasis mine)

He works not something things, not many things but EVERYTHING which includes you and i, according to purpose, so if you are alive now, its because he had a purpose for you ,that purpose is tied to the purpose he had in mind when he created man, he created you and i essentially to dominate the earth

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Let me use the hand for example there are five fingers on each hand among those five fingers are
The thumb
Index finger
Middle finger
Ring finger
Pinky finger

Normally i used to think that all fingers on the hand were okay but that the pinky was just there to make the hand fine or was just on the hand for the fun of it, my thinking changed when i understood the nature of God, and made my own research.
Every finger has a purpose

*The function of the thumb is the ability to grasp things

*The index finger is good at fine movements, used to hold and write with a pencil

*The middle finger is the biggest and strongest, used in pushing things

*The ring finger's function is to support the other four fingers.

*The pinky finger functions as the other fingers, except that its position gives it a bit more range of motion to the side, which makes it useful for any movement where the hand is rotating to the side. see here

All the 5 finger's have a unique purpose, and have a need they are fulfilling-- not one of them exists on the hand for the fun of it--without which the full potential of the hand cannot be fully utilized, no one finger is better than the other, or greater than the other, because they all have a unique value to add,they are all great in their different functions . Imagine if the thumb says it's not going to function because its not as big and strong as the middle finger? The hand will lose its capability to grasp.

The illustration of the fingers is an example to us, it doesn't matter how you got here, how broke or rich your family is, your body size and appearance, the fact that you are here, means you have a purpose to fulfill in fact this guy is the best example of this,

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Myles Munroe, born on a staircase in the poorest town in his country, he grew a multimillionaire not because of hustling but because he served his gift --courtesy the discovery and understanding of his purpose in life--, to be one of the most refined teacher i have ever met, though i met him after his death through his books he made me believe again

I am yet another example, i know most of us have been blessed by my posts, but i was a parental accident, the only reason i am alive, is because one of parents was afraid of God, but as a mistake in the past months, i have influenced minds, courtesy thinkdifferently, people come to me confused and not sure about the next step to take in life and go back confident sure, and motivated, what a blissful mistake i am, you know to my parents i was a mistake but to God, i am an INTENTIONAL Decision.

Scientifically its proven that when a man and woman meet sexually atleast 500 million sperms are released --each sperm a different child-- and they all fight and rush towards the egg of the female and only one arrives, and guess who that was that was YOU!

Everything and everyone that exists, exists for a reason, there's nothing and no one on earth that exists without purpose,

The thing is we think o, my family wasn't it, i was a mistake of my father, and mother, but it doesn't Matter how you got here, the fact is that you are here*,your family was just the door through which God brought you here so that you may fulfill purpose, God allowed and chose you to come here for a reason, 8 billion people on earth no single one is a mistake, he created all for a reason cause he works EVERYTHING according to the will of his purpose.

Then you might wonder, if i had purpose then why am i not fulfilling it, why is my life like this? Just because you have a purpose doesn't mean you are going to fulfill it
A seed will never produce fruit till it knows and believes that its purpose for existence is to create fruit, An eagle will never rule the skies until it understands that its purpose for existence is to do so, do you know why?
When PURPOSE is NOT KNOWN,ABUSE is INEVITABLE, when the eagle doesn't know its purpose all it can do us abuse its potential, and nothing more.

The average Nigerian doesn't
know why they exist, we get born go to school, get a job, pay bills and die, what an unfulfilled life
And because we don't know purpose, people can fire us from jobs, the economy weather determines our lives, and we let the government determine our future.

The essence of everything is it's purpose, its is what created the thing, and caused it to be,everything that exists does so for a reason.
You are here because there's a problem that needs solving,without which this world will continue be as disastrous as it is, not to save money get a job and die but serve a gift fulfill a GREAT PURPOSE and then die.
King Solomon said everything is vanity the young man had gotten all the wealth, all the power and every desire of his heart, but to him it was all vanity, because when the purpose of anything is not known it becomes vain and meaningless.

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You have a great destiny and unique purpose to fulfill, you aren't a mistake, but you will never fulfill it till you know and believe in it, cause when purpose is not known all that can happen is ABUSE, how do you find purpose?
We'll get to answer that in my subsequent posts stay Great!


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This is good...every one has a purpose on earth..we just need to discover it, not just about school and too much formal education.