As long as we want to think there must be a way

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A black child, born in the slums of Brooklyn, New York, he passed his life in a poor and discriminatory environment. One day his father gave him a piece of used clothes.

"How much do you think this dress is?" Asked his father.

He replied, "Maybe 1 USD"

"Can it sell for 2 USD? If it works, it means you have helped your father and mother, "said his father.

"I will try it," the child responded

Then he took the clothes to the subway station and sold for more than six hours, finally he managed to sell 2 USD and ran home.

Then, his father returned to him a piece of used clothing,

"Try now that you sell for 20 USD?"

"How could it be? This clothing is only 2 USD, "he said to his father.

His father said, "Why didn't you try it first?"

Finally, he got the idea. He asked his cousin for help describing a cute Donald Duck and a naughty Mickey Mouse on the clothes. He then sold it in the school of a rich kid, and sold 25 USD.

His father again gave him a piece of used clothing,

"Are you able to sell it for 200 USD?"

This time he received without the slightest doubt, coincidentally the actress of the popular movie "Charlie Angels", Farrah Fawcett was in New York, after the press conference, he broke through security guards and asked Farrah Fawcett to sign on his used clothes. Then sold 1500 USD.

That night, his father asked, "My son, from the experience of selling these three pieces of clothing, what do you understand?"

He replied "As long as we want to think there must be a way."

His father shook his head, "You're not wrong, but that's not what daddy meant, dad just wanted to tell you that a single dollar worth of used clothes could be increased in value. Especially we as humans? Maybe we are dark and poor, but what's the difference? "Said the father.

Since then, he studied harder and underwent harder training, twenty years later, his name was famous throughout the world, as the number one basketball player at the time, he was Michael Jordan.


The life story of Michael Jordan





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