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Leadership is influence nothing more nothing less > (john c. Maxwell). This definition sees influence as the yardstick for leadership
Influence is the effect that someone or something has on the way a person thinks or behaves. This definition sees influence as or to mean an "effect". Therefore any one whose life or behaviour is having an effect on you either positively or negatively is a leader over you.

  • people don't usually follow the man with position but the man with influence.
    -as a leader you must know who has the greatest influence on your group in case someone has a greater influence over you in your group that person is the leader and not you.
    -it is not the position that makes the leader rather the leader that makes the position
  • as a leader you must posses certain virtue like ideas opinions and vision
  • when a real leader speaks people listen
    -all outstanding leaders have a strong force backing up their lives(GOD).
    -as a leader you must pursue the force of character before charisma and other virtues like
    2 knowledge,
    3 intuition,
    4 experience,
    5 past success
    6 ability

    People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care
    Although you cannot be leader because you have knowledge ,without it you cannot become one
    You have to be intuitively sound in oder to solve problems that are dilemma's
    You can only acquire credibility when you have tangible experiences whether good or bad experience, which will make you solve problems that are similar.
    -past success
    Many people submit to leaders because of their success,the believe the leader can take them to where they are already.
    Great leaders possess abilities that helps to convince people they can deliver.mandela-featured-image2.png
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