Exploring the concept of light and dark

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                                           White Light and Dark Energy's

I often indulge with mysticism, that you see in mostly scifi movies and tv shows. And one of the most common writing structure is,by having a Protagonist and an Antagonist.And its usually structured as the main hero has nothing, and the villain has everything. After some cheesy lines and forty-two minutes the villain is defeated.

It can be a Dragon that  you kill,take the gold,save the princess.Regardless of the actual story... The Good a.k.a The Light defeats the Dark a.k.a the Evil.And people usually associate villians as angry,evil,depressive, just wanting to see the world burn.

What about real life? I mean strangely when you hear the success story of famous people who are incredible people. They all seem to come from very hard depressing situations.And its a stream of negative emotions that flow through them that keep them motivated and strive for a brighter future.Its the darkness that fuels their drive to push for a brighter tomorrow.Atleast for me, it seems that most people start from a dark place, somewhat like heros. But the difference here atleast is, that the emotions you associate are very dark like Anger,Depression,Dissatisfaction.While emotions like Happiness,Joy,Euphoria, they tend to make you complacent and fairly lazy.Why fix something when its not broken?Why change something when everything is as its suppose to be right? I've heard a saying something among the lines of "if you walk to close to the light you might get blinded." And that saying made me wonder...What if success in real life that can make you feel like you have accomplished something can make you stop pursuing the initial goal.Like wanting to be the best player ever, but once reaching the league being just happy with that and not having the same thirst for success as you initially had. 


What i am trying to say is.That most people look at anger,sadness,failure as a negative experience.When in reality its a fuel for something very powerful.Soul driven to fulfill its dreams can make the sky cry,the earth tremble, and the people bow their heads in respect.Don't think anger or depression of something overly negative, think of it as wider stair step then usual.And once you get over it you will only become a greater self,then your own yesterday's self.Begs the question,are we villains just trying to be heros of our own movie? Or are we heros misunderstood by the world?


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Interesting thoughts. I think the good is only understandable by us as it contrasts with the bad. If we didn't see the difficult, we would never really appreciate the easy when it came along.

also, social media tends to only portray only the good, deluding the perspective on life and standards. thanks for the comment

Nice post, I think many people stop fighting after driving the darkness out of their own lives and that is the "blinded" affect you referred to. Personally, I try to think of us all as one, so if some of us still suffer or struggle, collectively we all do. I always got caught up on the idea that I'll never make major change happen, but now I try to think about it from a collective standpoint, so all positive change we make collectively progresses humanity and hopefully in the end we win. Just my thoughts after reading. :)

i wonder... what if you are approach is more healthy for the mind... because i tend to think more individually...
ps thanks for the resteem

I can't say what's better or worse for you personally, but thinking of us all as a collective is the only way I can wrap my mind around things. I wanted to give up for a long time because I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of things wrong in the world, but considering I am not the only one that promotes positive change and wants to see a better world, I'm not doing it all alone and I never was, I have a greater sense of purpose and community this way. I hope you find the way that works best for you! I resteem quality content, so you're welcome and thanks for making a good post!

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