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RE: Exploring the concept of light and dark

in #inspiration3 years ago

Nice post, I think many people stop fighting after driving the darkness out of their own lives and that is the "blinded" affect you referred to. Personally, I try to think of us all as one, so if some of us still suffer or struggle, collectively we all do. I always got caught up on the idea that I'll never make major change happen, but now I try to think about it from a collective standpoint, so all positive change we make collectively progresses humanity and hopefully in the end we win. Just my thoughts after reading. :)


i wonder... what if you are approach is more healthy for the mind... because i tend to think more individually...
ps thanks for the resteem

I can't say what's better or worse for you personally, but thinking of us all as a collective is the only way I can wrap my mind around things. I wanted to give up for a long time because I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of things wrong in the world, but considering I am not the only one that promotes positive change and wants to see a better world, I'm not doing it all alone and I never was, I have a greater sense of purpose and community this way. I hope you find the way that works best for you! I resteem quality content, so you're welcome and thanks for making a good post!