Share Yourself With The World, Even If You Aren't Perfectly Polished

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Share yourself with the world, because the world needs more people who have come alive in their true essence, rather than fakeness, and polished manners.

If you want to connect with me further - below are some ways:

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Email me at boomshikha at themillionairehippie dot com if you have any questions or comments or feedback at all.

Love and light as always,
Boom Shikha aka ‘The Millionaire Hippie’

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hi @boomshikha .. I came to your post after @clixmoney presented it on Pimp Your Post Thursday a weekly post promotion show in The Ramble discord. He asked folks to give you some support as you weren't getting much traction on Steem yet are doing good posts.

I don't normally listen to videos but I did yours and the two videos which were inspired in response to this one.

Something I noticed in looking at your account is you do very little engagement with the community. Steem is a platform which is very much about community, building our networks by getting to know each other.

Commenting on other people's posts is an important part of building that network. Coming into some of the several discord communities can help a lot to. People get to know you and vice versa. You also get a chance to learn some of the exciting developments going on in the ecosystem which will change a lot of how we earn in the Age of Abundance.

While places like Instagram and Youtube can and often are one big impersonal platform, Steem tends to be different.

Consider dropping by PYPT next week and introduce yourself.

The current Rambling Radio Schedule can be found here
It's All About Community!

Thanks for the advice. I'm busy with two full-time jobs, so I don't have much time to engage with the community on Steemit - I do what I can, and this is the best for now. Cheers!

You are right. We can make videos in any situation. We have to be openminded and to not care about how we look, how we sound or in what situation we are. That's the complete independence in term of creating content. ☺

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for sharing on Pimp Your Post Thursday

Hi clixmoney the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
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That was beautiful 'everyone on this planet has such amazing gems of wisdom within them'

Thank you for the support!

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