Never Give Up

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Success has many definitions, but common among all the successes is the desire to succeed followed by hard work. Do you have a dream, and feel things are not working out. The truth is that we live in a challenging world, and nothing comes easy. The challenges of life starts from birth, and we have to overcome each of them till we get to our destination. It is like climbing a staircase. There is a pleasant feeling when we get to the top. Another good example is when a child is born, the child has to crawl, walk, before running, and no avoiding of one step. All steps must be followed, before promotion comes. Until we master each step, then the door is open to the next step. It is very true to say challenges makes us stronger. The pain may be there, but the victory is always very sweet that we forget the pain. When you see others succeed, do not envy because you do not know their pain, history or what journey lies ahead for them, but we can learn from their story. Each individual has a record to make in life, something the next generation can learn from. The absence of an individual record during our earth life could be liken to a student who attended a school without any proof he was ever a student. We most write our own scripts and play our own role. No body can do this for us except us.

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Sometimes you just need to give up ... to quit for some time just to realise what you can loose ... than you will get back on your track better than before 🤗


we all go to different paths but same type of situations, and that's how I often get the clarity moment

True that.

Amazing post!!

Me gusta mucho tu post y que sea cortito y sustancioso

Lovely inspirational write up