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Come with and let's hunt some Dragonflies today!

I felt like a world champion dragonfly hunter today after South Africa won the rugby World Cup.
Filled with confidence I scrummed with the dragonflies. You can pick your position in the scrum, be it hooker, prop, flank or slot.
Let's hunt these 300 million year old pre-historic flyers!


Ever seen a dragonfly and a butterfly in the same photo?


The split tail and the wings of this guy tell me that he is of the "Synthemistidae" family!


Here we have a side view of the same guy!


Wow! Look at that imposing and beautiful face!


Here's a full view sitting on the plant stem!


Whoop's another butterfly passes behind!


Maybe he was bending the stem to make a bow and to use himself as an arrow to shoot the butterflies Lol


Just another side view here!


Full frontal landing shot!


Finally another pesky Acraea butterfly passes by!

And That's All Folks!

"Also known as the "Presbas" family, this genus "Syncordulia" has not yet been placed with certainty in any dragonfly family.
The genus comprises four species, all endemic to South Africa, three of the species entirely restricted to the fynbos area of the Southern Cape.

"Presba was the original scientific name designated to the group, before it was replaced by Syncordulia and it derives from the Greek word "presbys" (elder), a reflection of their evolutionary ancestory".

Source: A guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of South Africa. Authors: Warwick & Michele Tarboton. ISBN: 978-1-77584-184-5

Note: Only the specie information was taken from the book. All other words and photos are my own.
The photos are unedited and cropped for uploading purposes.

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

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Nice shots! Never seen so many details of an insect :)

Thank you for the kind compliment my friend.
I try to keep my posts informative.

300 million years old? That's amazing, and somehow explains why they look a little bit like insects from the dinosaur age, just smaller...

That's a lot of details from the close-up shots! Not so nice for the insect haters, but sometimes you need these to learn...haha...

Thank you my friend and you are right, as we need the people to learn about nature's wonders! Insect haters don't bother me, as it is a free world and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I respect that.

They are truly weird, with "faces" only a mom would love. 😂

Great work on the photos.

Thank you Sir, I also love their faces hahaha.

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A sincere thank you for the kind support.
Blessings to your work!

Nice shots. We dont get many dragonflies around here so i have to go out to find them near the rivers etc. They are on my list to add to my portfolio next year sometime.

Thank you and great that you have them in your portfolio my friend.
Whereabouts are you people?

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WOw these are for sure world cup winning shots, as for the position I always liked when they played Was flanker myself

Thank you and now here's the thing, I also played in both 6 and 7 positions.
Inside flanker when the coach wanted me to catch the opposition scrum half with the ball and outside flanker for the line outs.
Glad that you like the shots JJ.

Occasionally they played me at Wong, but I liked being in the action I guess and thats why I liked playing flanker, even though for flankers back then I was pretty small

Have a great day

In primary school I was short and played at wing and a few games at full back. But first year of high school saw me ranking like a reed and I fitted best at flank.
May you guys also have a good week.

Cheers fond memories for us both of our rugby days :)

Cheers also to you my friend.

You really took some amazing photos!! Looks like you have to many butterflies in your area, with all the photo bombing going on!! LOL.

Hahaha, the acraea's have a nest of caterpillars around here somewhere my friend and they are all over the place.
Mind you, it's still late spring season here and the bushes are alive with new birth.

Your photos never stop amazing me

Thank you for the kind compliment!

Brilliant click

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Thank you my friend!

You've got some great shots there. When I was a kid dragonflies reminded me of helicopters on a mission. It is sad to say I do not see anymore dragonflies in our area.

Thank you my friend and in fact scientists used a dragonfly to design and develop the first helicopter. Imagine using a 300 million year old insect to develop a modern steel replica?
Sad that you don't see them anymore.

Great detailed shots of the dragon fly, Sir Stephen. They are amazing little creatures.

Thank you Lady Jo and I think that you can see my love for them. In fact I love all of the little critters.

wow beautiful photographs of dragon fly. thanks for share with us.

Glad that you liked them my friend!
Blessings and thank you!

Madam Pappilon kept saying "what about me", awesome macro photography on this dragon fly Stephen.

Thank you Lady Joan and so good that they are back in season.
Now I can practice my hunting skills again.
Problem is as usual blue marks and scratches on my skin, as the aspirin has made my skin turn blue at the slightest friction.
But life goes on.

Be sure to avoid damaging yourself on scratchy bushes when out hunting, or you may end up with delightful coloration of blue dragonfly. Stick to medication, obviously prescribed for good reason.

Hahaha, sometimes it looks like I am trying my best to imitate the chameleons Lady Joan.
But of course you are right as usual.
For a man that hates pills, I am doing surprisingly well.
But all congratulations should go to Marian as she is like clockwork with the sequence of pills that I have to take every day.
Problem is that there is just no end to it.

My Mom really believed in an asprin a day, good for Marian keeping you in tow, breaking routing is not a great idea.

Thank you Lady Joan, I surely will continue with the meds!

A butterfly and a dragonfly in two pictures?! Go play the lottery lol

Hahaha, the butterfly was a photo bombing expert methinks Lol.

Howdy sir papilloncharity! I think you're a world class dragonfly photographer. wow, stunning photos. Is that with a macro lens? And getting butterflies in the shots too, that's another wow! lol.

Thank you for the kind words Sir @janton.
I took the photos on the "Macro" setting of my camera.
Just some lucky shots methinks.

Luck! Yes that's what it was. Every single post you get lucky. lol.

Luck! Yes that's what it
Was. Every single post
You get lucky. lol.

                 - janton

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Humbleness is a virtue my friend.
I thought that you know that, but of course as a Texas cowboy it's going to be difficult to teach you this hahahah
Blessings to you guys.

lol! And it is difficult for a humble person to take compliments!

Hahaha, I would rather say embarrassing my friend.
I am a shy guy!

I'm the same way sir papilloncharity, any compliments usually throw me off and I don't know what to say!

WOW! I can't even imagine the amount of patience that you would have had to make these shots.... these are awesome! The speed of your camera must be pretty fast to get the wings like that!

Thank you my friend. The camera is a Canon powershot SX60 and I use the sport setting. Glad that you liked the photos.