Insects From Around the World !!

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Hi everyone it's Thursday again Butterflyday and Insect Day and today i like to bring to you my little collection of insects that i photographed on some of my walks through the parks of Bangkok. To start with here is a couple of Caterpillars at their larval stage i found by searching deeper into the shrubs and these will probably turn into a beautiful Monarch or a Swallowtail butterfly amazing nature.



Then we come to the DragonFly or Horse Stinger as i know them by from a kid but they are actually categorized as Net-Winged insects some common ones that we all know are the Lacewings, Mantidflies and the Antlions this Net-Winged family consists of about 6,000 species to many to name. This is the first time i have captured a DragonFly on camera it was 😃


This is what i would call a Leaf beetle beautiful coloring , although i couldn't tell you his real scientific name as their are 37,000 of these species what a Beetles band that would make...LAMO 🤣


And this last one is a member of the Grasshoppers family known as the short-horned Locust .... yep them loud buggers that keep you awake all 😒


And that's it for this weeks #insectpub till next week don't forget to keep a eye out for them many species of insects out their we love to see them.


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A world of colorful 😍

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Thank you @galtsund 👍

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Ok then not sure how it all works but i have removed the tag 👍


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Thanks @alucian i will take a look ...Cheers 👍

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Thank you @pixresteemer 👍

Amazing photos :) Cheers :)

Thank you @marcoteixeira 👍

These aren't pets, don't get me wrong your photos are nice but don't use petphoto tags for things that aren't pets.

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I've never seen such creatures. Thank you for sharing! :)

Amazing what you find when you go looking in the bushes 🙀

BEAUTIFUL photos of a tricky and difficult subject - tiny insects are hard to capture. Well done!

Thank you @carolkean your right about that i was just lucky at the times got to get lucky some times....hehe 🤣

I love that first caterpillar as well as the leave beetle!!

As a kid i use to always bring that first caterpillar home i remembering building like a rain forest in a huge tank and they were my pets 😃

Beautiful photography

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Thank you @shuvo35 👍

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Thank you @esteem 👍

These are very cool shots Angelo! I really love that green beetle! I never saw that kind before; truly unique 😊

Thank you my Lena it's been a collection over the time but they came in handy for this post yeah i do love that green beetle i haven't seen another since i took that photo some times your just lucky to see these rare species just that once 😃

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Thank you @kona 👍

What an interesting collection of insects @hangin! The first caterpillar will turn into a beautiful black swallowtail butterfly. I have never seen the 2nd one before and I enjoyed it. And that beetle sure does stand out with its metallic green color. Great photos! And now I have a Beetles song I have in my head. LOL! Thanks for using #insectpub and #butterflyday tags. : )

Thank you @whatisnew yeah i thought that first caterpillar with turn into a beautiful butterfly i use to collect them as pets when i was a kid had no idea that they would turn into butterflies it really freaked me out but was beautiful to see. Love the Beetles songs good start to the weekend keep on singing there my 🤣

I bet it did freak you out as a kid. LOL! I am still singing! : ) You have a great weekend! : ) certainly did...keep that singing going enjoy your weekend also 👍

Natural beauty

Just simple beauty 👍

Hey, these are great finds and terrific shots! You have luck but skill too.
I agree with you, keep the eyes open to see them bugs around.😀

  ·  16 days ago (edited)

Awwww...thank you for your sweet words since getting into @whatisnew i have been taking more notice of what's hiding in them 🤣

Saludos, me encanta tu oruga, siempre la busco en mis plantas. Es hermosa. Y además todos esos insectos son preciosos en las tomas que hiciste. Felicitaciones.

Thank you 🙂

What a cool selection of shots,I can't remember the last time I took a shot of one of these

Thank you my friend it was sought of a collection over the time and they came in handy for this post 👍

Its good having our archives to dig into

It's definitely a good back up 👍

Oh yeah for sure :)

Looks like South Africa have done it again well deserved 👍

I havent watched the game yet but from all accounts they played an amazing game and were well and truly deserving of the win and CUp

  ·  15 days ago (edited) sorry i hope i didn't spoil it for you telling you who won 🙀

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Nice 👍