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If you hold a minimum of 10 CC in your account and you use the #CC tag then we will reward up to that number of commentors for each article that you publish. The reward comes from us not from your CC balance. With the time for this "problem" we incrase the amount of minimum 10 CC you need to use the function.

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What is CommentCoin?
The Commentcoin is a non-profit project that tries to reward the comments of its users. Due to the high payout limit, Steemians tend not to vote for them. We step into this gap.

You can add CC to a post when you have 10 coins. Then, commenters get a reward. Is that reward deducted from the balance of the person who added the CC to the post?
No, we won't touch your credit. The coins come from us, which is also the reason why you have to hold more CCs over time to use the feature. With this function we're trying to keep the inflation rate down until SMT´s starts.

How to Use Commentcoin?
Buy CC on or work for it by commenting users with the CC hash tag( in their article. If you set the hashtag CC in your own article (like palnet, steemleo or other coins), your commentators will get one CC as a reward for their work.

Is it allowed to edit the Hashtag CC after the post is already written without it?
You are allwoed to add the CC Hashtag with a edit. The Bot does his job in the moment you add the tag.

Can I still comment on a CC tagged post after one month and then get a CC?
Yes, this is possible, too. This should stimulate to comment on older posts.

Where are the CC drop for the commentators from?
The CC come from the Wallet of @commentcoin and your ones will be not touched.

Why i need more CC with the time to use the function on my post?
We grow the limit of the minimum CC amount, to minimize the inflation rate. We are not allowed to make a trade in your wallet. If the SMT´s come out, we build a better system.

Why i should use the CC tag as a bigger investor?
If you buy a bigger amount of CC, you donate the smaller ones and help to grow the comments on the steem inklude yourselfs. If the CC Price of the Vote-Payoutborder reach the 0,025 Dollar, new Steemians get a good kind to earn Steem with commenting others! The most of us know, how hard it is to get Steem at starting on our plattform.

  • With the time we edit the FAQ´s.

Happy commenting!!!
Steem On!!
Have a nice Day!

Your CC Team

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The hold 400CC... that means I’m spending them?

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[@alucian] No:

we spend them.


Is it back now? I'll start using it again!! 😁😁

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We never stop it. :-) Just for Updating and solve problems.

Einer der "voinvote Brüder" kommt gleich vorbei und soll hier was abgeben, wenn es gleich schellt oder klopft weißte bescheid. :o)


[@alucian] Ich habe keine Ahnung wie das gemeint ist, lasse mich aber gerne auf einen Besuch ein. :-)


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"voinvote" war schon da und hat ein Upvote dagelassen. er hat noch 2 Brüder nämlich voinvote2 und voinvote3 und ich weiß nie, wer von denen gerade an der Reihe ist. :o)

[@alucian] Jetzt schnaggelts. Dankeschön. :-)

[@alucian] :-) My English looks like retardet^^, but the point is to understand something. Thank you. :-)

hahaha... it's not worse than mine 😂

[@alucian] Letz make us a retardet English Contest. :-) :.-D

Great project, thanks to CC team 🍵.

[@alucian] Thank you, too. You´re welcome. :-)

So because this post uses the #cc tag, this comment will be rewareded 1 cc?

[@alucian] That is the point.
But be warned, we ban out of the project the coin farmers. :-)

And whom would you call a coin farmer? Bot comments, spam comments or something more?

[@alucian] Yes, a coin farmer would just get the money alone. A Commenter get a reward for his good comment. We use a Blacklist and Bots with our manual checking to sort the "bad" ones out.

Lovly project , i wish to join

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[@alucian] If you want that, you know now how you can. :-) Thank you, have a nice day.

Ich wollte jetzt schon paar mal CC über die steem-engine Kaufen, aber jedes mal bekomme ich einen JavaScript Fehler

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'balance' of undefined
at btnSubmitOrder (:211:96)
at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (?p=market&t=CC:1)

In der Oberfläche tut sich gar nichts, da kommt auch kein Fehler. Den Fehler sieht man erst auf der "console".

Ich bin ganz normal angemeldet und habe noch nichts mir bekannt ungewöhnliches getan. Wollte einfach nur CC kaufen.
Wenn jemand helfen kann, schonmal vielen Dank.

Gruß Stephan

[@alucian] ich kann dir nicht mit dem Problem auf der Engine helfen. Da müsste mal jemand wissenderes ran. Aber ich kann dir CC verkaufen wenn du möchtest. Zumindest kannst du dann die Funktion nutzen derweile.
Hast du auch brav schon Steem in deine Steem-engine wallet geladen? Das sieht mir aus als würde es nicht gehen weil du kein Guthaben hast?
Anworte mir ruhig auf meinen Account heute, da bin ich später auch noch drüber mit antworten.
Liebe Grüße

Daran lag es, hatte kein Steem in steemengine.
Hab dann in den FAQ gelesen, das die nicht in der Blockchain hängen.
Danke für deine Hilfe @alucian

[@alucian] Gerne geschehen. Wenn du weitere Fragen hast, dann melde dich einfach. Egal wo, wir brauchen manchmal etwas länger zum antworten.
Liebe Grüße

Kaum fährt man ein paar Tage in Urlaub, schon gibt's FAQs! Wenn ihr jemanden braucht zum "englischen Text hübsch machen", meldet euch bei mir, ich helfe gerne :)

[@alucian] Oh ja, wir brauchen (viel) Hilfe für das hü(p)sch machen. :-) Vertraust du mir deine Email per verschlüsselter Memo an? Dann schicke ich dir nämlich den Key für den CC und du kannst dich austoben.

Ich bin hier heftig beschäftigt, wenigstens täglich etwas zu antworten auf die vielen Postings und Kommentare. @wakeupkitty ist auch mit im Team. (glaube ich^^) Wir suchen auch jemanden der Mandarin kann.
Das wird richtig schwer, ist aber auch wichtig für uns.
Arbeit gibt es genug.
Also erst mal schon Danke gesagt für das mithelfen wollen. :-)
Liebe Grüße

Muchas gracias por la información. Hago resteems. Saludos.

[@alucian] We work with open doors. This Project is not for profitably or drive a lambo next year. :-)
Thank you for your interessting about it.
Have a nice day.

Hi there!

This sounds fun! I got here because of @pixelfan.

The first comments I get are always from bots like SteemItWorldmap and such. Are these bots already excluded?


[@alucian] Hi trincowski. I say thank you for helping us. The bots should be seen from our bot and be on the blacklist. He does his job good for this stadium of the project. But i ban them manually now for the savety.
Thanks @pixelfan. :-)
Have a good time and welcome on the CC Project.

Does it matter if there are 100 comments and the author of the post has only 10 CC? Everyone of the commentators will receive 1 CC?
Must the CC be staked?

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"If you hold a minimum of 10 CC in your account and you use the #CC tag then we will reward up to that number of commentors for each article that you publish."
How does this works? I mean is it automatic or manual?
For example If I have 29 CommentCoin (CC), and I post a blog post with the #cc hashtag, then if 29 people write a comment on it, will they be automatically rewarded with 1 CommentCoin (CC) each?

[wakeupkitty] yes they will be automatically be rewarded by commentcoin.

Ok I got it now.
Thank you so much.

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Likewise, have a blessed happy day

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Looks like I found all that I could asked for when it comes to "what is Comment Coin". Looking forward! Steem on!!

Thanks! And I love all those creative approaches when it comes to reward comments. !invest_vote

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