Insaddle services update: Launching insaddle.booster

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What is Insaddle?

Insaddle is a project created by @danielw and @piotr42 that will bring you unusual trails, top destinations, handful guidelines and reports from the broad world of traveling.

Wouldn't it be awesome to see passionate people from all over the world inventing their own dream jobs and thence making a living out of deeds they'd normally do for free? Just imagine being able to work hard towards your most desired goals and not having to worry about paying your bills, health insurance or putting food on your table...

Thanks to the wonderful communities out there such as @travelfeed, @steemitworldmap, @c-squared, @curie or @trufflepig this is gradually becoming a reality to many! We believe that one day, @insaddle will be standing among them.

Our mission

We're a team of passionate individuals, dedicated to creating a community that will support and reward your efforts to better yourself and the world around. Because traveling did so much good in our own lives, we'd like to spread the positive vibe and encourage you to hit the road yourself. We believe that traveling is a cure for all the modern world diseases like fatigue, depression, desolation and more...

Traveling will help you get the most of your own life.


Well, to begin with, traveling is a great way of:

  • developing a wider world view
  • experiencing the unfamiliar
  • challenging yourself
  • getting an insight of who you are
  • appreciating your life

Sounds sweet as honey to your ears? Then come and voyage all over the world with us!

Psst! If you haven't got a chance to read our introduction post please do so to find out how we'll be rewarding contributions related to traveling.

The launch of @insaddle.booster community account

We're happy to announce that @insaddle.booster is now active.

@insaddle.booster is a service created for the sole purpose of saying THANK YOU to those who decided to help with the growth of the Insaddle Community by delegating their STEEM POWER to our communal account @insaddle.

In exchange for your trust, all your posts (after your account gets manually whitelisted) will be automatically upvoted by @insaddle.booster with a vote weight depending on the amount of the delegated STEEM POWER.

Received vote weightAmount of delegationAverage received upvote
25%up to 10 SP$0.01
50%between 10 and 50 SP$0.02
75%between 50 and 100 SP$0.04
100%100 SP and more$0.05

To easily delegate your STEEM POWER to @insaddle and start receiving upvotes from @insaddle.booster, click on one of the links below.

Delegate 5 SP, 10 SP, 20 SP, 50 SP, 100 SP or 500 SP.

Thank you!

Sincerely yours,
Insaddle Team



Hey @lesiopm / @browery, thanks for delegating to @insaddle already! Looking forward to seeing your tours on here :)

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