INS:First Decentralized Ecosystem to directly connect Consumers and Manufacturers

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INS is a blockchain based ecosystem which directly connects manufactures with consumers for grocery supplies bypassing the retailers and other intermediaries. Grocery is the second largest industry with online grocery industry being recorded at $98 billion in 2015 and forecasted to reach $290 billion by 2020. It is one of a primary need and every household reserves a considerate amount of budget for the purchases. INS has hit the right spot by transforming such a busy and demanded industry by offering an alternate solution which is economical, efficient and fast.

Let’s explore the benefits of this rewarding platform below:

In the conventional consumer market system, the manufactures are highly reliant on the retailers since consumers have to buy from them. For that reason every manufacture is in competition for making the space for its products on retailer shelf. In this race they have to give a good amount of share to the retailers and cost for this effort is transferred on the consumers. INS system eliminates retailers by directly connecting manufactures with consumers for providing economical products.

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Removing retailers from the equation enables manufactures to offer economical prices to the consumers since they don’t have to pay the share to the retailers. Consumers get benefits in shape of fair prices while manufacturers are at advantage for directly approaching the customers without relying on any third-party. This ecosystem is a multi-rewarding system which is likely to grow at a rapid pace very soon.

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Retailers and wholesalers demand costly promotions from manufactures which adds to the cost of the grocery items. INS platform allows the manufactures a customized promotional activity to directly address the consumers which is economical and more fruitful. These bespoke marketing programs are powered by smart contracts which automate the marketing process to be more productive and transparent.

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This ecosystem is a complete program which takes into consideration all the aspects required to complete the grocery purchase system. This system provides fulfillment centers to the manufacturers where they can stock thegrocery items. These fulfillment centers are controlled by INS fulfillment app. The process involves collections of the grocery items, assembling them and then passing them over to the courier guys for directly delivering the goods to the consumers. The courier will then pick up orders from these warehouses and deliver them to the consumers. INS platform offers rewards to courier companies which will attract small and big companies to integrate in this ecosystem.
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