Catch That Fire Within - Inktober #30

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I had someone contact me with a drawing they made based on a photo I shared in a freewrite awhile back. (One of my favorites actually).

They asked me to please share it for the #inktober initiative as they weren’t comfortable doing so from their own blog. And after much protest, I finally gave in.

So this is an entry by an anonymous Steem user, as all they wanted was a chance for their work to be displayed at Steemfest.

Also due to it not being my artwork, I will be sending the reward to null... as I really enjoy burning shit lately and believe they would approve. 🔥🔥🔥

Here is their entry -

The eyes are the window to the soul, they tell a story only few can see. They expose the inner vulnerabilities, the secrets that no one must know, and give a glimpse of that fire within.

That fire which ignites the soul.

To catch that fire is nearly impossible, as not many even let it show. It’s too powerful and cannot be subdued.

The magic is when that fire is revealed to someone who has no desire to put it out, rather embrace it.. as they see the unstoppable beauty that lies within, and they know to catch it happens only once in a lifetime.

Catch That Fire Within


A few process shots





and the original photo


Words and artwork by Anonymous
Photo by me

Much Love,


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Beautiful drawing and photo, mysterious and mischievous. A bit like this post with an anonymous artist, which is also mysterious. Unless maybe you had a dissociative episode and you are also the artist. Probably the half of you that wasn't pictured in the photograph? I see why you did the photograph that way now, to preserve anonymity of yourself.

Lol.. I can’t draw worth a shit.. but yes you are right about the photo, it was to hide my split personality 🤪

I knew it. Sorry to out you like that

It’s ok, it was only a matter of time.

I just managed to reverse engineer the missing half of the photograph. I ran this through the transmogrifier and now the neural network is processing the results. Hang on a second... wait... no... it can't be! You... you!?! You are... @pumpkin / @freedom?!?

Ace 😁


Such a nice capture of you - I recall that post and image and this drawing captures it perfectly.

Thank you ☺️ it was one of my more favorite posts. And I was quite surprised when the drawing was sent to me. 🙃

Yes, a nice gesture.


very good try, but it is almost impossible to capture your natural smirk 😉

Haha, thanks ☺️

I’m not as good but I made one too.


Wow.. that is just... wow 👏🏼

This shit is your anime version

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Very nice art work...

Damn pretty! Got amazing skills keep flourishing!

Nice. Followed and reesteemed.


What an artist !

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Nice artwork :)
So beautifull

I have to say it is good drawing or self-portrait.But to me it seemed like the photo couldn't reflect the smile you had in your original photo.That smile was more vivid and as you have said shows up your split personality.

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Lovely. I like it. Nicely done. Happy Friday Justineh.

really amazing