Inktober 2019! No. 27 - Coat and No. 28 - Ride

in inktober •  14 days ago 

Some more silly inktobers for you today, with more cartoon animals :D

Inktober 2019! No. 27 - Coat
Ms. Varanus is quite pleased with her fancy new integument. It's hard being cold blooded! 🦎

Inktober 2019! No. 28 - Ride
Mr. Bantam later admitted that this new Lyft trend was much too literal for his tastes... 🐁

Oh my, we're almost done! Come back tomorrow for No. 29!


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  ·  14 days ago (edited)

Ms. Varanus is crying out for a bit of animation.

I could see her coming to life very easily. I wonder who should do the voice...

haha thank you! I imagine her sounding something like Jessica Lange, myself...


great and funny :D

Thanks very much!

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