Inktober 2019! No. 25 - Tasty and No. 26. Dark

in #inktober3 years ago

Catch up time once again - two completely unrelated inktobers, but equally as fun, I hope?

Inktober 2019! No. 25 - Tasty

Very much inspired by Disney and Don Bluth designs in general, but with alligators/crocs in particular...

Inktober 2019! No. 26. Dark

Definitely a change of pace with this one, but I love skulls so there.

Happy Monday! Come back tomorrow for No. 27 and 28!


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Great work! Thanks for sharing! :)

Amazing work, thank you for sharing!

I can see the Disney inspiration in that crocodile, he reminds me a little bit of the crocodile from The Princess and the Frog. This one looks a lot meaner and hungrier though. ;)

The skull is also amazing, I really love your shading!

Thank you so much! Yes I am very influenced by Disney in my drawing - and Louis from The Princess and the Frog was most certainly a ref for this guy :D

Nice sketch 👌 I loved it

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