Inktober 2019! No. 14 - Overgrown and No. 15 - Legend

in #inktober3 years ago

Another double post for today so that we're all caught up!

Inktober 2019! No. 14 - Overgrown
Ok I will admit that as much I love jumping spiders and I think they're the cutest arachnid on the planet, I would probably run in terror if I saw one that big, too...

Inktober 2019! No. 15 - Legend
The one and only, cat-loving Freddy Mercury (and his friend Furry Mercury)!

Hope you dug those! Come back tomorrow for No. 16!


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Yay! Not only me think jumping spiders are just the cutest :)
I'm sure the giant ones are equally friendly.

ha!! Well this one is - he just came to hang with the gals, but they're not so sure...

(omg I wuv their faces haha)

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