Moonlight Ride [#inktober day 28]

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The cold air whipping through your tentacles. The canyons descending into darkness below. The surging power of the Glastarion Beast between your six legs. Not another soul as far as your eyeball can see. There really isn't anything like a moonlight ride through the wasteland.

#inktober prompt "ride"


Starry sky image used in background of colored version by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Original Uncolored Drawing


Exiting Echo Chamber

Give me a follow on either platform, I have the same username @carlgnash on both Facebook and Instagram.

Process Shots





Proof of Shark


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  ·  14 days ago (edited)

Cool drawing. Its kind of a cross between a scorpion and stage one of an alien - the hand like creature that pops out of an egg and wraps its hand like body around your face to lay an egg inside your mouth. That alien lol.
I like the color version of the drawing. It has a comic book feel to it. Cool!

Thanks dude, I definitely like the giger / alien comparison, those movies are very influential to me

this is sooooo fun! i want to see the adventures of...

Yeah this would be a fun inspiration to start a little comic out of. I am happy that the "fun" came through, I was trying to make the riding alien seem like it was having a good time

Really good, @carlgnash. It looks like an art drawing for some science fiction movie.

thanks dude, happy it has that space cinematic feel

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This is really cool. I like your space themes for these.

thanks dude I am an alien at heart and at art

I do like your art work! The mind behind it may be a touch twisted, but that's how cool art work happens, right? :-)

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Dude. That beast... is ... very beastly. I feel like your (few) opening words really set the mood of the piece. I love this stuff...and am sad that Inktober is coming to an end. I WANT MOAR!

dawww thanks @carrieallen and @creativecoin team, this was a fun one and glad it is getting recognized. I can feel the burn!!!

Wonderful and interesting...

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