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It has long been rumoured and somewhat proved that InfoWars and PJW are the creation of British, US and Israeli intelligence.

Paul Joseph Watson from Sheffield, UK has been the YouTube henchman of the far right fake alternative news organisation for a number of years now. Watson first made his appearance on Infowars back in 2005 in the Terrorstorm documentary, Paul Watson and his Brother Steve Watson both talk about the London 7/7 bombing:

Gradually both Paul and his brother contributed more and more to the show as time went on. Both producing some good material for the show, in fact as recent as 2014 PJW did a video titled ‘Did Israel collude with ISIS’ where he identified not only Israel’s destruction of Gaza, but that Israel is actually supplying logistical support for Al nursra and other compartmentalised Jihadists.

But since 2014 Pauls narrative has drastically changed to an all out attack on Islam. Aside from his sudden hate campaign towards Islam he has also developed the inability to question official narratives, accepting all terrorist attacks and World events as the mainstream media present it, which is quite ironic when you consider how he began his career questioning the 7/7 bombings. So far no one had come out and questioned Paul Watson about his current stance on Islam and the building aggression and hate that is seeping out of his videos. Until now!

Avid researcher and prominent truth speaker David Icke has called out Infowars and their team on his website several times over the last 12 months, questioning their motives.

In this instance, Icke questions Paul Joseph Watsons constant hatred towards Islam:

Paul – why are you condemning hate with hate in your eyes and why are you buying so many official stories without question? Just asking – David Icke

Then in this most recent case which was on the day Donald Trump sent 59 Missiles to a Syrian Government Airbase based on a false flag chemical weapons attack:

Richie Allen in a recent interview with Max Igan also questioned Paul Joseph Watson & Infowars recent hard swing to the right and their huge push of Islamophobia. A very good question is also raised behind how exactly Alex Jones did make it into Bohemian Grove all those years ago – I mean we are talking infiltrating probably the most secure party on Earth with a hidden camera , and Alex manages to capture the whole lot on video.

Is it possible that Alex was invited to provide a ‘safe exposure’ of this Satanic Ritual for the Elites in order to satisfy the minds of those questioning this infamously bizarre event?

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I am no sure if INFO wars is controlled opposition or not, but for a fact they have been bringing issues to the light for years, what have you done????? 2 words.....Bohemian Grove. Just for that ALex deserves an award.


He has, and to an extent i'd agree that he has brought many truths to light. However, you do have to wonder how Jones got into Bohemian Grove?


ehhh you may be right about that.........How indeed, no matter what he is or isn't we still need to be vigilant....More Power to you my brother keep up the good work.........@South-paw follow me. Ahura-Mazda.


Followed :)

Interesting. PJW is very different to Alex Jones, who has total control of InfoWars.
Upvoted and followed.


Indeed, although Alex has somewhat gone off track over the last few years. There is much to suggest his motives are not as clear cut as we may of once thought.

PJW, well - he started off pretty good, in fact in his early days of reporting I thought he was a breath of fresh air. Then came the White supremacy, arrogant, right wing, anti-muslim narrative. It came out of nowhere. Very odd.


PJW probably started as a libertarian, became a conservative and ended up a member of the far right

My feelings about Jones and PJW are that I am happy they exist. Anyone who gets a megaphone and trolls Bilderberg meetings is pretty cool.

I also have noticed that a lot of times infowars will "sell" fear. And that always turns me off. For instance, Alex occasionally has a guest named Joel Scousen, (not sure how the last name is spelled). And this guy always ends his argument with something about a nuclear war starting between Russia and the USA. Now the reason he gives kills me. And his reason's in the Bible. WAITER! CHECK PLEASE! I'M OUT OF HERE!

One of the things that might be influencing PJW to be so anti-Islam is the fact he was born in the Sheffield, Yorkshire area. Now sure where he lives now, but I am assuming he is on the main England island. Now Icke, lives on the Isle of Wight. And this is southwest of London with a 360 degree barrier known as WATER!

So, maybe PJW has seen his beloved country turn into a stabby, vehicle run over peoplely, intolerant of Christianity heap of a mess. And although we know David Icke has amazing perceptions, there is no substitute for real experience, and hence, perhaps he has not experienced the same shadow of emigration overrun.

That said, I am commenting on pure conjecture about a lot of this. I do know Icke lives on the Isle of Wight. But, I am not sure if they have an emigration issue there as we have seen in the main island in the UK.

Also seems to me they have pissed enough people off to where pinning them with the tag of being counter-agents works to lessen their broad reach. Granted, Jones has become a rock star and somehow the show seems sensationalistic. And I have also caught Jones in several mispronunciations, weird conjectures, and tilts to serve his overall outlook.

But, I feel this is Jones being impulsive. And, I do not see how what he is saying is directly related to an intelligence agency or outside agenda.

Just my 2 cents.