Eyes Wide Open ! Donald J Trump Administration about to Take Down the Pyramid of Evil !

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Q-Anon the highly mysterious poster to reddit and 8 Chan information sharing platforms, somebody with reportedly Top Level Military Security Clearance has shared today a link which I share to you in this post below ! The text I have taken and placed in the body of this post for you all to read ! The Donald J Trump administration is in the middle of doing something which no previous political leader ever has dared to do ! Namely going up against the highly secretive and nefarious Cabal of International Bankers and International Investment houses that are themselves all conected to secret world government run by freeMasonic/Luciferian Organisation which has many names and sub groups that make up its body and structure of pure Evil ! If there is one thing which they enjoy its destroying innocence and they do this by the abduction, marketing and abuse and even murder of these children surrendered by a system that does all it can to hide this traffic and disgraceful abuse of the youngest and most vulnerable inhabitants of our world !

Its time for everyone to open their Eyes to this Evil to which they have been blind for too long ! The year 2018 is a Great Year of Monumental Change and political boulversements the like we have rarely seen in all of Man,s history ! If youchose not to believe me and continue to deny the information i try to pass on here , then frankly I dont care as I know this to be the case and the Future will prove me and others like me that indeed have faith and know to be correct in their assertion that Trump and his hightly trusted team of Q members will bring Justice to these Demons that have for too long plagued our lives with their disgusting lack of respect for life and the liberty of the most humble and vulnerable dwellers of this place called Earth that we know as our Home !

God Wins and the Devil will as Forever Lose ! Amen !

President Donald J. Trump is Working to End Human Trafficking

Issued on: March 13, 2018

My Administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking. And I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government, whatever we can do, in order to solve this horrific problem.

President Donald J. Trump



With millions affected worldwide, human trafficking is a global atrocity that deprives millions of their universal human rights.

Human trafficking, also known as modern slavery, affects people from all backgrounds at home and abroad, placing millions into a sickening form of exploitation.
Per the International Labor Organization, there may be as many as 24.9 million victims of forced labor across the world, with millions going unidentified and unseen.
Children are especially vulnerable to this evil practice, as they account for 25 percent of modern slaves.
Victims are compelled to perform labor or commercial sex acts through the use of fraud, force, or coercion, reducing the value of human lives to that of mere commodities.
The United States is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children – both United States citizens and foreign nationals – victimized by human trafficking.
In FY 2017, DHS’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations (ICE/HSI) initiated 833 human trafficking cases, resulting in 1,602 arrests and 578 convictions, and identified 518 victims of human trafficking.
The HHS-funded National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH) received reports of 8,686 unique cases of potential trafficking in FY 2017, identifying 21,644 potential victims. Annual illicit profits from human trafficking were estimated to be as high as $150 billion in 2014, demonstrating the substantial economic scale of this abhorrent criminal industry.



President Donald J. Trump is taking a stand against human trafficking, dedicating our Government’s full resources towards fighting this repulsive crime.

The President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (PITF) is working tirelessly to address all aspects of human trafficking.
As defined by the Trafficking Victims Prevention Act (TVPA), it is the policy of the United States government to address human trafficking via “The Three P’s:”
Prosecution of Traffickers.
Protection of Victims.
Prevention of Human Trafficking.
In March 2018, the President appointed nine human trafficking survivors to serve on the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking for terms of two years.
President Trump declared January 2018 National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.
In September 2017, Ivanka Trump and Deputy Secretary of State Sullivan joined more than 20 world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly for a global call to end modern slavery and to announce the State Department’s $25 million grant to the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery.
In February 2017, the President signed Executive Order 13773, “Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking.”
This Order directed the United States government to identify, interdict, disrupt, and dismantle the transnational criminal organizations that engage in human trafficking.
In light of the impending Senate vote on H.R. 1865 – the FOSTA-SESTA legislative package designed to fight online sex trafficking – the Trump Administration is hosting a roundtable on human trafficking to review and discuss the path forward on this critical issue.


here is the link for you to personally confirm and validate that this text is a real announcement made to the public by the Trump Aministration !


In the following video by ome of the best Q-Anon decrypters on the net that I know "In Pursuit of Truth" you will hear confirmation and explanation of this annoucement ! A great Revolution is coming to the World and we will all be the richer once its over and the Day of Reckoning is done and won ! Dark to Light ! WWG1WGA !

Q Anon - Attention on Deck - In Pursuit of Truth Presents - 9.11.18

In Pursuit of Truth
Published on 11 Sep 2018

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thanks again @informstionwar for this support of my posts !!

Some very serious stuff going on. I love our president for working so hard to combat human trafficking.


Hey there @quiplet , thanks so uch for this early comment in the history of this post which does I know look pretty crazy on the fface of it ! But yes some very very heavy things are going down right now ! But nobody is really aware or suspedts that which is at stake ! As indeed all of our collective futures in this world are playing out right now in the background ! Yes we can truly thank this I think truly Historic 45th President of the United States called Donald J Trump ! God protect him,his family and the men and wonen that serve him and us all !

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