Politics: The Lavish Life of Dethroned Emir Sanusi and the Plot to make him Nigeria President 2023

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The battle for supremacy has always been the order of the day, everyone has a point to prove. The case of Dethroned Emir Sanusi is another game being played. If you recall, that the House of Assembly in Kano state were divided before the Governor used his autonomy power to remove him.

Before hand, we all know Sanusi was a public speaker and advocate of the masses but when you put words into play, did he really do as he speaks?Did he really make an impact to the development of his subjects despite all the funds available to his disposal. Sanusi attended the Convocation Ceremony of University of Abuja back in 2017 and I saw cars I don't think were in Nigeria, he speaks for the people when on public functions but no impact were made on their lives.

According to a twitter user, Sanusi drove through the villages and areas where lives were unbearable but he spoke of it but did not do anything in person to change what he saw. After his removal, the real politics started.

This is a plot to bring out Sanusi as Presidential candidate in 2023, you may argue but sit down and ponder on this. Before his removal, what do you know about his personal life even as CBN Governor but the moment the opportunity came to sell him out especially to the Southern Nigerian people, so they can give him pity votes.

Photos of a 2 Bedroom flat were posted online and it was captioned, "Here is where Sanusi will be staying". We all know that place is really below his status and no one can tell me that Sanusi don't have big houses in Abuja which he can stay but decided to stay in 2 Bedroom flat in Nasarrawa.

Remember the Colonial masters taught the North about Leadership and Politics and reason why after independence, they handed the country to a Northerner, they gave the South Education and Religion.

The North has always been the ones ruling the country because they are putting what they learnt into practice. While the South gives them sympathy votes, just same way Buhari was sold to Nigeria when they staged a Bomb blast in Kaduna and being broke.

If things goes as planned, we will have Sanusi as President.


when will they be 1 billion people? 30 years? 20?

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