There is no smoke without fire ..Bill Gates a demon or an angel ?

in #informationwarlast year

While I watched Ted, I found this video of genius Bill Gates predicting that the world would face a deadly virus and that the virus would spread all over the world and kill a lot of people, and Bill Gates focused to speed up the production and development the vaccines to fight this virus...

I don't understand ... Is he a very smart man? or we are so stupid

We can say that Bill Gates is a good man and wants to save humanity before it's too late.
But if you look a little back at this guy's past, you'll find that he's a professional in destroying everyone around him.

Digital Research, Inc
When IBM wanted to produce a personal computer, it had to look for an operating system for its devices. Bill Gates suggested that he can provide an operating system even though he did not have a system ... when IBM agrees Bill Gates went to Digital Research, Inc.​​ (DR or DRI) and bought an operating system from this company and then he adjusted it and then sold it to IBM Company.
when Digital Research company found out that Bill Gates had stolen the system, they tried to sue him, but the laws were not very strict at those time about Digital property rights, and that's how Bill Gates became a billionth by stealing a system that he didn't have...

Netscape browser

source img

At the beginning of the internet, Netscape was the browser controlling the Internet until Bill Gates noticed this so he took advantage of the popularity and spread of the system windows to impose internet explorer browser to eliminate Netscape browser by forced on all companies including Apple to delete Netscape browser and put internet explorer browser...

WordPerfect & Lotus 1-2-3 program

source img

By the same way, Bill Gates destroyed the WordPerfect program to imposed Office Word program. And destroyed Lotus 1-2-3 program to imposed Excel ...And there are a lot of examples of Bill Gates' monopoly and the destruction of other competitors by immoral ways...

So can this man help humanity from a virus that was the first to expect it? ....
"There is no smoke without fire"
What's happening to Bill Gates now, and be accused of the Corna virus conspiracy wasn't a coincidence, it's a result of this man's black history.
And I've already written how this man killed my son: Thank you, Bill Gates, for killing my son by your vaccination

I'm sad that I lost my son because of bill's vaccines.
But I'm glad that a lot of people are becoming aware of this man's danger to their children, their families, and their planet, and I'm happier because no other family will live the same life as I did...


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