Radiation from mobile phones can affect your memory

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WASHINGTON D.C. : Mobile phone radiation may affect memory performance in adolescents, according to a new study.

The rapid evolution of information and communication technologies (ICT) goes along with an increase in exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) in our daily life.

The most relevant exposure source to the brain is the use of a mobile phone close to the head.

The study found that cumulative RF-EMF brain exposure from mobile phone use over one year may have a negative effect on the development of figural memory performance in adolescents, confirming prior results published in 2015. Figural memory is mainly located in the right brain hemisphere and association with RF-EMF was more pronounced in adolescents using the mobile phone on the right side of the head.

It's good to see more data about the dangers of cell phone radiation. I believe all these radio frequency we are exposed to effect our sleeping patterns, damage our DNA and now it appears it has a negative effect on children's memory.

Which might explain some of the problems in our education system with kids having mobile phones in their pockets all day and being exposed to wifi radiation from the classrooms. Now they want to put 5G into all the street lights around city to expose us to even more radiation. It definitely time we take a serious look at all this shit and figure out just how much RF radiation should a person be exposed too before noticeable side effect occur.

Consumers need to have options like the ability to turn the transmitter off on your phone when it's in your pocket or to turn down the power of the signal if you're going to be talking on the phone for a while so you don't fry your brain.

Children have smaller heads so there's less mass and that effects just how much radiation reaches deep inside their brains. The smaller the head the more easily radiation can penetrate it.

Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/magazines/panache/hang-up-radiation-from-mobile-phones-can-affect-your-memory/articleshow/65066435.cms


all the people who keep the phone on their body all day long and ON & beside their bed at night.

My niece is recovering from two major surgeries. She gets upset when I go into her room at night & demand she put her phone on Airplaine Mode. There is no way I can convince her to keep her phone 2 feet away from her while she sleeps. I read 2 feet away keeps the radiation levels that enter your body- down. Everyone gets upset when I turn off the wi-fi router at night, before bed.

I've read from some that 5G is going to be an expensive failure. I do not not know. In the mean time, I understand trees interfere with 5G. So one more option is if you OWN your home- plant a bunch of fast growing- brush- shrub like trees around the perimeter.

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THis is very serious issue, I this keeps wondering what can be done to reduce and if possibly preventing this.
becauce if it affects children more , then it will affect our future generation.
its actually waking me up.

I wonder if bluetooth devices have a similar effects, especially all those Bluetooth headsets/headphones where the sender/receiver is usually on the right side close to your head.

I'm sure it has an affect but probably not as strong as a cell phone. I bought a cheap Chinese short wave radio a while back and it came with a warning label to keep it more than 2 inches away from your head. So even the Chinese know to keep RF signals away from your head.

hmm... I wonder if the reason American consumers don't know about this is, because of the billions the Cell providers and smartphone makers are earning?

Of course... but, what does history say about the penalties to the CEOs and their underlings, when it is finally proven they knew and lied about it?

But, that's okay... God hates assholes too... and after causing suffering to children, I wouldn't want to be in the CEOs shoes...

The truth is coming out. These corporation can only suppress the truth for so long in the age of the internet.

My sincere hope is that the truth comes out before more are people are effected...

Thanks to a resteem by @hebrewhousewife I have found your page. And I am delighted to see some of your posts. Being South African the American politics don't interest me (Sorry!) But we have enough horrific events unfolding in our country. This particular post is excellent @wakeupnd and I hope you can reach the many that need to be made aware

Thank you very much for the kind words. I enjoy sharing articles about health and nutrition that the doctors probably won't share with their patients.

I really liked your post, very interesting, it is a sample of how the system abuses the ignorance of society. I am going to follow you bro

thank you for your sharing, I like it !
I hope so you visit my blog. Welcome !

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