Decentralized News Hour EP 5 - With @truthforce @gregorypatrick @wakeupnd

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Check out the latest Decentralized News Hour podcast with @truthforce, @gregorypatrick and myself.

In the podcast we discuss a number of topics like the latest Trump news, Chinese hacked Hillary email server, pedophile in the catholic church, some of the health dangers with gender reassignment surgery and the new NAFTA trade agreements with Canada and Mexico.

Check us out live:

Tuesdays: at 8pm EST
Thursdays: at 8pm EST
Saturday: at 8pm EST

Also, please like and subscribe to the youtube channel we can use all the support we can get to grow the channel and hopefully red pill a many more people.

Enjoy the podcast.

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Hi @wakeupnd can you check @truthbot is working properly. I delegated 100 SP to @informationwar 2 weeks ago and haven't got a single upvote from it.


Ah, Sorry man.

You're added to the list now and I manually upvoted some of your past posts to make up for it.


Thanks for sorting this out.

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