We can all learn something from this... "WHY TRUMP WON" (fmr Canadian Prime Minister)

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source: Prager University, YouTube

I thought Trump "could win" but that TPTB, the LSM and the "party establishments" all wanted Hillary, YES, the Repubix too! ...the deck was so stacked against him that it seemed like a done deal. My Dad and Reince Priebus (at that time, head of the RNC) were the only two folks I was hearing saying "WHEN Trump Wins", at least other than Trump himself... I guess I had some faith that it could happen, and I did not buy any more ammo or guns, which Hillary was jawing about "Australian style gun control". That was a forced buy-back, as I understood it. All my guns are either new, awesome hardware or vintage WW2 style stuff, I have very few clunkers I'd sell back, voluntarily at least. 😎 So yes, I thought it might happen, cuz I did not do any more guns-n-ammo stackage. I was doing the Cryptos at that time. 😎

This dood on here is Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada from 2006-2015 and he analyzes WHY TRUMP WON, and it is a purely grassroots analysis of the demographics and root causes. Nothing about Russian Interference or lack thereof, just a down to Earth look at the reasoning that made a majority of Americans flip the lever from Trump over "her majesty" 😉

Oh, I would be remiss to not mention that WEB-BOT (www analytics), Google and WasteBook analytics all predicted a Trump win as well, but Web-Bot said Voter Fraud could flip it for the Dems. All 3 of these analyses were judging "web sentiment" which actually predicted an Electoral Vote AND Popular Vote "LANDSLIDE" in favor of Trump. IMO the late counts in California and New York came out of the closets in the deep-blue precincts of those states. Plus, when the margins are that big, the million or so Military Absentee Ballots, and other absentees are never counted, which conventional wisdom tells us are mostly "Republicans". That was in Cali ALONE, estimated to be + 1 million votes for GWB in the 2000 contested elections, but Gore won Cali by more than that so Bush was essentially denied a million votes that would have went to the irrelevant "popular vote totals". Take that times two (NY and CA) for Trump, possibly. We will never know, and it "just doesn't matter" Trump Won Anyway.

Of course I have interspersed my own personal opinions in that last paragraph, but to tell you where I am coming from, I am a proud IBEW Electrician for 34 years and was a registered Democrat since the age of 18. PLUS, I reside in the Bellwether of Bellwether Counties, Vigo Co. of Indiana. Guess what? It is a HEAVILY DEMOCRAT City and County. Darn near like Massachusetts LOL But that is changing it seems...

Here's a link that explains this phenomenon...


I hope you enjoyed this article, my biases aside. I am just strictly fed up with the party establishments and I though a Maverick like TRUMP could shake things up. He was a Democrat a LOT LONGER than he has been a Republican 😉

Disclaimer: I fancy myself a Libertarian, I most closely align with them on nearly all issues.

Talking Points from the video would be the ANYWHERES versus the SOMEWHERES. Basically "yuppies" versus Baby Boomers, to put it into one perspective. Anywheres can work/live any place on Earth, they are more technologically savvy and will work thru it. The Somewheres are basically planted in place and have homes and families they are tied to. They have "put down roots" so to speak :-) #roots

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