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RE: US Patent 3,951,134 Apparatus Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves

in #informationwar11 months ago

Congratulations on being featured by @stortebeker in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest but, just like @tryskele says, if you don't include the link of the page where you found this, you'll have big problems in Steem. 😜


I understand. Yet I think I had included it... But not. So maybe delete it and post it again is best?

You can edit the post at any time and correct anything you need to. No need to delete and repost it.

By the way, when you're sharing an article that isn't yours, it's better to simply share the link through and add a few words of your own, instead.

The app doesn't allow me to edit the post. So i used browser instead . Thank you for advice !

That works, ehehehe! ✌️

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