US Patent 3,951,134 Apparatus Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves

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US Patent 3,951,134 Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves

This patent was filed August 5, 1974 by inventor Robert G. Malech of Plainview, NY. The patent itself describes a method to monitor and activate brain activity using directed electromagnetic radiation without the use of local sensors. It indicates that by altering the scan angle and direction of the antennas any region of the brain can be targeted. Since the patent was granted April 20, 1976 it is likely that the spatial resolution and decoding capabilities were minimal at best as the computational resources requisite for such operation, outside the classified realm, were limited at this time.


The present invention relates to apparatus and a method for monitoring brain waves wherein all components of the apparatus employed are remote from the test subject. More specifically, high frequency transmitters are operated to radiate electromagnetic energy of different frequencies through antennas which are capable of scanning the entire brain of the test subject or any desired region thereof. The signals of different frequencies penetrate the skull of the subject and impinge upon the brain where they mix to yield an interference wave modulated by radiations from the brain's natural electrical activity. The modulated interference wave is re-transmitted by the brain and received by an antenna at a remote station where it is demodulated, and processed to provide a profile of the suject's brain waves. In addition to passively monitoring his brain waves, the subject's neurological processes may be affected by transmitting to his brain, through a transmitter, compensating signals. The latter signals can be derived from the received and processed brain waves.



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