Seriously??? Did you just start paying attention this week? There was this thing called Pizzagate where a place called Comet Ping Pong Pizza was involved with child sex trafficking. It kind of went from there... I couldn't begin to explain it all. Check out Liz Crokin, Titus Frost, George Webb, the Honeybee. No offense, but you sound like the guy that comes into a movie 5 minutes from the end and ask: "What's the movie about?"

None taken, I have a different take on pizza/pedo gate. Initially it was about the coded-language that was discovered in the hacked Clinton e-mails that were released by Wikileaks. This seemed to really touch a nerve with the establishment.

After that, the story was completely hijacked by the mainstream media and focused like a laser beam on that one particular pizza joint, with no mention of the Clinton emails. If you ask me, they were basically whitewashing the entire narrative, and re-framing it completely.

I think if that store owner, or Pizza restaurant were involved in the sex trade; that the scene of the crime(s) was cleaned up entirely before the big PR push to shift pizzagate away from Hillary's emails and onto the designated fall guy/corporation.

I'm familiar with pizzagate, but when they got into specific indictments and rumors about the one pizza joint, that's kind of when it dropped off of my radar because none of it was provable. Either that or they had on their side law enforcement, and were covering up the proof.

I had not run into any information about the video tape that you mentioned. If it does exist, I don't know how she's not in jail right this very moment. So I guess I was just trying to gather where this information about the alleged tape was coming from.

I'm doing a follow-up today with a video I found from a reliable source that confirms that and more. There a were several naysayers and to tell the truth, I wish I didn't know about it... It's like The Night Gods coming true!