More Emerges About The Hillary Clinton/Huma Abedin Sex Video: There's No Limit To This Evil

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As part of the evidence seized by the NYPD on Anthony Weiner's now infamous laptop, there was allegedly a sex video involving Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and a minor and/or minors. This video is supposed to contain behavior so disgusting and perverse- including murder and cannibalism- that it made grown men cry and seasoned officers, who had "seen it all," get sick to their stomachs, not to mention require psychological help after viewing it. In a tweet by journalist Liz Crokin a preview of what the video is supposed to contain was disclosed... and if this in fact accurate it could spell the end for both Clinton and Abedin...
Courtesy: Liz Crokin- Twitter

During the election questions arose as to whether or not Hillary was using a stand-in. One day she would appear looking "normal" and the next she would appear wan and looking years older. Questions also arose about her strange behavioral tics being a result of Kuru, a disease peculiar to cannibalism.

It's no secret that elites have been using the blood of young people as an "elixir of youth" for years if not considerably longer. Countess Elizabeth Bathory in the late 16th Century was supposed to have bathed and drunk the blood of young women to maintain her youthful appearance. If the rumors and testimony of the times can be believed. There has been some question to the veracity of the stories as having politically manufactured to seize her vast estates. More recently, billionaire Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal is said to be one of those elites currently using treatments of this sort. I wrote about Hillary and the possibilities of her being involved in this practice back during the Pizzagate investigation by independent researchers.

As far back as the Bosnia Conflict CIA cutout companies such as DynCorp and Deagel Inc have been involved in human trafficking as well as organ harvesting. The same thing has happened throughout the conflicts in the Middle East- as well as after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti where Clinton associate Laura Silsby was arrested attempting to smuggle 31 children into the Dominican Republic. What better way to get blood, especially from live children who can be terrorized in order to boost their adrenochrome levels. I'm the first to admit I'm no expert on SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) except to say I'm aware of its existence. What I do know about is child sex trafficking and the links to it between the Clinton Foundation, USAID and DynCorp... in that context, this makes perfect sense.

Too many people inside the NYPD have confirmed the existence of the video and its effects on the people that saw it for it to be a hoax. The only thing new that this adds is the content... and if what Liz Crokin tweeted (and she's far too honorable and meticulous to be involved in a hoax) turns out to be accurate, or even similar- the likelihood of any of us seeing it are exceedingly slim. It may be used as evidence, bit I doubt that it will be released to the public.




Hillary without makeup is quite scary! I don't meant that as a joke, either.

I know... and there was one picture that was even scarier than that!

If any of this is true, it must be clear that many, many others in the "elite" are also involved or at the least complicit. Considering all the evidence from the case in Belgium (Dutroux) and England (Saville) it appears to be a worldwide web of unspeakable filth. So, the chances that real evidence is made public are close to zero. They will only turn it around and use it against any truther who mentions it as evidence of bullying, hate-speech and sign of mental illness. How could we possibly convince the masses if a guy with a reputation as Ted Gunderson could not succeed and people are too dumb to even accept the reality of chemtrails? I am afraid these leaks are only being used to spit us in the face.

Liz Crokin, who I have an infinite amount of respect for was a mainstream journalist when she began reporting on Pizzagate. After being warned, she was fired. She could have shut up and went along with the flow, but the truth meant more than career. This that I put out is just the tip of the iceberg. I try to stay away from the Satanic stuff, except to acknowledge that it occurs- I don't know that much about it. There are mountains of evidence about using kids blood as an anti-aging tonic... just because it's illegal won't stop the elites from doing it.

In Canada, the Queen "disappeared" 10 Indian children from an orphanage. They went on a picnic and 10 kids didn't make it back. The ICJ has levied a warrant (which of course was ignored). They can spit in my face all they want, I'm going to expose evil wherever I find it!!!

I know, and you are doing a great job. There is probably more than enough evidence already present to put a lot of people in jail. It is just very painful for me to even consider the possibility. I do not want to live in a world like this. But you are right, we owe it to ourselves to speak up wherever and how long we can.

I'd like to live in a better world myself, but I don't so I have to try to make this one better. I'm not fooling myself into thinking I'm making a difference, but I have to try!

To my knowledge, the reports I have read regarding Peter Thiel do not involve illegal conduct on his, or anyone's part. It is lawful to donate blood, and for minors to donate blood. It is lawful to purchase blood and tissues for research purposes, and I believe this is the means availing him of the treatments.

There is no information that he drinks it, nor any therapeutic claim for drinking blood. There is research that shows that young blood in old mice rejuvenates them. I believe that is what the treatments and research is about.

Transfusions of young blood into old people, not satanic rituals, or cannibalism.

While this has nothing to do with HRC, or RSA, child trafficking, and etc., I bring it up because--it has nothing to do with any of that. There's no claim of any such thing regarding Thiel or the research and treatments rumored, afaik.

The allegations against the Royal family involve pedophilia, murder, and the like. Haut de la Garenne was a boarding school on the Isle of Jersey, a crown property with it's own legal system, where they are still digging up the crushed and burned bones of murdered children, and where Jimmy Saville, a known associate of Prince Charles, has been proved to have been.

I know of no known association between the two matters. If I did, I'd be the first to state it.

Agreed, the only reason I brought up Thiel was to show that people do in fact use youthful blood to enhance youth in themselves. I in no way meant to imply that he was doing anything illegal or to tie him to HRC and the other sickos who use it for both (youth & SRA). I wrote a post about it a long while ago, and cited the studies done on mice. From everything I've seen he obtains the blood legally and ingests it through transfusion.

To my knowledge, the reports I have read regarding Peter Thiel do not involve illegal conduct on his, or anyone's part. It is lawful to donate blood, and for minors to donate blood. It is lawful to purchase blood and tissues for research purposes, and I believe this is the means availing him of the treatments.

There is no information that he drinks it, nor any therapeutic claim for drinking blood. There is research that shows that young blood in old mice rejuvenates them. I believe that is what the treatments and research is about.

Transfusions of young blood into old people, not satanic rituals, or cannibalism.

While this has nothing to do with HRC, or RSA, child trafficking, and etc., I bring it up because--it has nothing to do with any of that. There's no claim of any such thing regarding Thiel or the research and treatments rumored, afaik.

I’m so glad that Hitlary Clinton is not our President. The world will be a much better place when she is in prison

The demonic Dems look set to take back the house this election season. May God help us all, if there be such a thing.

chump and the repubs are blue bloods that engage in these same behaviors. Both Hellery and Chump are descendant of bloody Mary. Look it up, I believe ancestry even has a article on it. Until enough wake up to the two party divide and conquer technique it going to be a shit show of epic proportions

No one wants to believe this stuff happens. It is so inhumane. Evil exists and is very pervasive right now. It is our o to call it out lest we allow it to continue to exist an perpetuate. Thanks @richq11 for a job well done. 🐓🐓

I'm among those that don't want to believe it... But like the old saying goes, you can't unring a bell. Nor can you unlearn something. Funny when I wrote my book, it was fiction but a friend that read it said it read like the news!

I think Hillary Clinton is a horrible human being. But as far as the sex tape goes, I'll believe it when I see it.

We're never going to see it (or any of them for that matter- I understand that there are several taken via phone at Epstein Island). The NYPD has already confirmed they exist, but the FBI has taken over the "investigation."

Who at the NYPD? To me it just sounds too much like the golden showers Trump story. A bunch of wild claims with no real evidence. There's plenty Hillary has done wrong without focusing on unsubstantiated stories.

You may not notice the huge difference between the two categories of reports. The Steele dossier was deliberately used by corrupt government for political purposes. The stories about HRC are being suppressed by those same governmental forces.

I reckon that strongly demonstrates the likelihood of the falseness of the former, and the truth of the latter. Also, in the latter case there are matters of public record which support the reports. Weiners laptop, the Silsby case. Much, much more.

It is unrealistic that public availability will be forthcoming of any such video evidence, in light of the fact that making it available would constitute a felony.

That doesn't mean I believe it, either. Neither does it mean I discount it. I cannot say if it's true, but the ancillary circumstances lend the reports veracity. Further, I have read and been told that the HRC/Abedin tape is available on the deep web.

I'm not going looking. I don't want to see. If it is actually on the deep web, plenty of folks will see it, and there will be more and more reports. Hopefully, there will be charges, trials, and convictions as a result.

If it's on the deep web, it will show up on the not so deep web. The point is, it's all hearsay and pointless without actual evidence. I mean "somebody" at the NYPD said so and "somebody" told you its on the deep web? Well then it must be true!

Like I said, I think Hillary is a despicable person, but accusing her of seemingly outlandish things without evidence only detracts from the credibility of those making the accusations and leads to a perception that other more serious claims (by "serious" I mean those backed by actual evidence) are so much made up bullshit.

Cathy O'Brien has made specific personal charges of violent pedophilia against HRC. The allegations of a snuff film aren't presently confirmed. There is far more evidence than I am willing to discuss here that HRC has done terrible things to kids, and the volume of accusations from a wide variety of unrelated sources, including the enemedia, is evidence itself.

I'm not, as I have said before, stating I believe such a tape exists. There are numerous sources for the claim. That's not nothing. That's evidence, if only circumstantial.

I hope to God it's not true.

You are just illustrating my point. Cathy O'Brien is not credible, or at least I see no reason why she should be considered so. And "far more evidence than I am willing to discuss here" is not evidence, circumstantial or otherwise.

If you wanted evidence, you'd look for it. No one is credible when they encounter your entrenched beliefs from the wrong side.

You my not belive O'Brien, but that doesn't mean she is lying. The other things she has reported seem to have been verified, such as GHW Bush being a pedophile and there are also other far less incredible witnesses that have testified to that.

It is easy to pick what you want to be true, and defend it to the death. That's a lot of what people are for, biologically. It's far more difficult to be so independent of the socialization behavior that you actively look for evidence.

There's a lot.

The evidence that there's a tape didn't just begin to be discussed. It was one of the first things I ferreted out from the Weiner laptop news.

If you use search engines that do not deliberately censor there are many credible sources that talk about the missing children in Haiti and connections to the clinton foundation

Imagine if that witch would have got in office where we would be today! We are so blessed to have Trump as our president. God WILL judge her when she leaves this world. She will have no stand in then. Thanks @richq11

Amen to that, but a big part of me wants to see her judged before she leaves!

Great. Thanks. Upvoted. Shared in a new article of mine.

Thank you!!!

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This is why there has been a concerted push in the media recently to expose that video footage is capable of being faked with high degrees of accuracy ala "deepfake". The corrupt animals need plausible deniability when or if videos of this kind are released/leaked.

The telling moment for me in the NYPD case was that after the news story hit that the video exists of such behavior, it was never denied and the story has not been retracted.

Plus, something most people fail to realize is that in the US, libel laws are extremely effective. If people write false things about you, you can sue them and the publisher to hell and back and make an absolute killing. With the depravity of the accusations in this story, we are talking millions upon millions.

To do so though, you have to enter the "discovery phase" which means evidence becomes subject to a subpoena, making it available to both the defense and the prosecution. When the stories are true about people who have committed a crime, they will never sue under libel laws, because that forces the evidence into the public domain.

Maybe I am wrong, but I don't see anybody suing for what should be a slam dunk couple million if it was libelous.

You hit the proverbial nail on the head... They would be suing the shit out of such a salacious allegation- IF IT WASN'T TRUE! This is just the tip of a very big and disgusting iceberg and this is only the beginning of the exposure.

I also found it interesting that as soon as news of the video's existence came out, there was suddenly announcements about the amazing technology that allows you to put any face on anybody else's body! Having said that, there are equally amazing technologies that allow confirmation as to whether or not they are real!

What would be awesome is if the video gets released, but it doesn't involve sex at all. Torture would be enough. All their "sex tape is faked" means jack squat if a video was released that features no sex.

From what I understand the video is too graphic, I doubt it will ever be seen except by prosecutors, judges, etc.- outside a courtroom. Some people view torture as sex, it's sick, but not all that uncommon I hear.

IMO, they are probably not going to sue you if you are a nobody. Now if Alex Jones, or some other highly popular radio/tv personality made the claim that a video exists of HRC doing horrible things to a child. That's when they'd sue him, or force him to make a retraction, or an apology. In combination with that effort they would no doubt orchestrate several news hit pieces to try and convey the impression that #pedogate is just a crazy internet conspiracy theory (as the term is used in the derogatory sense).

David Icke has been exposing these blue bloods with strong accusations for decades and has a lot of resources that suggest these rituals take place. Every dem and repub since Carter are just cousins running against each other

Thats a great point

This is the first that I've heard about this rumor, do you have any links to other articles or authors who might be speaking to the existence of such a tape?

Seriously??? Did you just start paying attention this week? There was this thing called Pizzagate where a place called Comet Ping Pong Pizza was involved with child sex trafficking. It kind of went from there... I couldn't begin to explain it all. Check out Liz Crokin, Titus Frost, George Webb, the Honeybee. No offense, but you sound like the guy that comes into a movie 5 minutes from the end and ask: "What's the movie about?"

None taken, I have a different take on pizza/pedo gate. Initially it was about the coded-language that was discovered in the hacked Clinton e-mails that were released by Wikileaks. This seemed to really touch a nerve with the establishment.

After that, the story was completely hijacked by the mainstream media and focused like a laser beam on that one particular pizza joint, with no mention of the Clinton emails. If you ask me, they were basically whitewashing the entire narrative, and re-framing it completely.

I think if that store owner, or Pizza restaurant were involved in the sex trade; that the scene of the crime(s) was cleaned up entirely before the big PR push to shift pizzagate away from Hillary's emails and onto the designated fall guy/corporation.

I'm familiar with pizzagate, but when they got into specific indictments and rumors about the one pizza joint, that's kind of when it dropped off of my radar because none of it was provable. Either that or they had on their side law enforcement, and were covering up the proof.

I had not run into any information about the video tape that you mentioned. If it does exist, I don't know how she's not in jail right this very moment. So I guess I was just trying to gather where this information about the alleged tape was coming from.

I'm doing a follow-up today with a video I found from a reliable source that confirms that and more. There a were several naysayers and to tell the truth, I wish I didn't know about it... It's like The Night Gods coming true!

I have doubts about this stuff. If those cops really saw something like that, I would think a few of them would be concerned enough that more children would be murdered to blow the whistle. I mean, we don't need a perfect set up to stop ritual child sacrifice, do we? What is there to be afraid of that trumps a little kid getting killed?

It's been too long since they got that laptop, and if real cops with actual ethics saw that then there would be no way Hillary and Huma would be walking free today. I'm pretty sure they even let Huma leave the country! If our justice system lets people walk around free for a year after the police have evidence of a child murder just because they are popular, then they won't ever be prosecuted. It is indicative of systemic evil in the system.

I don't want to see the evidence, but I'll believe the story when I see that the evidence has been released, or Hillary and Huma are arrested.

The investigation was taken over by the feds, the FBI under Comey put a gag order on any public disclosing of information.

Would a gag order keep you from speaking out if you could save a child from being tortured to death?

Me personally? Hell no! But you're asking me to answer a question about what people in the 2nd most corrupt (not counting feds) police force in the country think. Also they might want to keep their jobs???

I get that, and I admit it's possible. It's just that I've spent a lot of time around military and police, and most of them are pretty wrapped up in the idea of being the good guy. Sure, they will lie, cheat, and plant evidence to protect each other, and even to frame people, but they do it because they think it is the right thing to do. Their sense of right and wrong is a little off, but if they had to watch a video of a child being tortured to death I don't think there's any way to think it's good to let the perpetrators continue to have freedom and access to children. It totally messes with the "good guy" ideal if you try to say, "I'm a good guy, but sometimes I let people murder children because I have a nice job I don't want to lose."

Again, It's possible. I just can't see the cops I've known over the years acting that way, and most of them I would say are assholes, and possibly criminal. In fact, because of all the cops I've known over the years I'm pretty convinced that the best way to deal with cops is to avoid them at all costs. I believe most of what they do is basically robbery and slavery, and to boot most of them do it smugly.

However, we share something, you and I. It's why I'm subscribed to your channel: It's that thing inside you that says, "not on my watch, asshole." There's something inside some men that drives them to be a protector of the innocent. I can't think of anyone I've met in the military or police that didn't see themselves that way. Asshole and corrupt or not.

I do admit there's a chance I'm overestimating the NYPD though... You got a point about their corruption.

Over the last 10-15 years or so the cops have changed. I've had many friends on the force both in Cambridge where I lived for many years and here in FT Smith where I live now. Gone are the "cops on the beat" the good guys that protect and serve- they've been replaced by guys with a gestapo mentality. In fact a friend on the force here told me that the academy has changed- now they teach the Us vs Them mentality. I had a guy pull me over to tell me my brake light was out... with his gun drawn.

I agree particularly with your last statement. I wrote most of my life story on here- I began my military "career" as a Gunners Mate on a PBR in Nam. I was also a sniper and recruited by "the Company" to do snoop & poops in places where we weren't fighting. I was also a "consultant" for Coca Cola in Central America in the late 70's (plus a couple of other things in between). I still have a few connections left there and in Mil Intelligence. In fact the guy that does computer sec for me is a DOD contractor. The tape is real- believe me... we probably will never get to see it (in fact it's isn't just one tape)- but they are real!

Witnesses always disappear before making it to court or cases are dropped and never get a hearing.

I've heard this video is on the "dark web." Does anyone know where to find it?

Do you have Tor?

good post

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