there is no way to prevent people from following the money because when money is present, people compete and collude... so getting rid of it is best

I agree ...Money is the only true religion on this planet. All religions follow it and would never speak evil of it no mattet how many have to die for it.. Makes one wonder. The only sensable thing is to do away with it entirly .. But most lack the imagination and intelegence to see a world without it.

Money is the only true religion on this planet.

amen LOL... exactly, most are conditioned by the "wealth effect" but unfortunately we now see the disaster, human and ecological.

I always love the argument that no one would do anything without money .... If one was to remove the useless work associated with money we would have far far less work that needs to be done ...the idea of making money for the sake of making money really has no real value and has created or grown nothing at the end of the day .

You have a great thinker @thelifeofbrian.... and I wish we could brainstorm some day. My blog exposes the illusion of value!

Well thank you and I have enjoyed your blog also .I have added you to my follows.. The thing I try to do is bring a solution to the problems I post ... I hate to not have a solution. Unfortunately I have the same problem as everyone else ... And have no solution as of yet to it
Great article to keep in mind when trying to make a point and get a thought across. Or are you really going to lol!

Yes I know another discombobulating fact, i am going to write about it and also mention your page.

Most people don't want to rethink their ideas because otherwise they would be lost, it is conditioning. Social conditioning

If you want to copy and paste a few articles of yours or share interesting links on the Earth custodians blog, let me know when I send you an invite

A link to a site with some cool pumpkin patterns for Halloween..As it took searching a dozen sites to find one with no redirects popups or so many ads I could not find a link lol So hope I save ya a few minutes of frustration..

great sounds good ..I have a big one here in Canada I keep blogging about ... we only have access to less than 1% of the land mass of Canada the gov holds 90% of it and we cant touch it .. 6% agricultural ..3% industreal 90% gov leaves around 1% for the Canadian people to live on and buy and sell at the going rate of 2 lifetimes of labor to pay for ... CRAZY

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