157 of World's 200 Richest Entities Are Now Corporations

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This blog pretty much sums up what Earth Custodians have voiced for over a year now. That money and power are indissociable, and that while most people chase money to meet their daily needs and pay the bills, at a much higher level, wealth concentration is achieved for planetary domination. Although not specified, the 43 other entities might be the world's mega billionaires as most countries are utterly broke.

Nothing has changed since the middle ages. Because that is just how money works. People claiming that money will remain a social tool, and that there is no way to get rid of it, have never been reading the correct data. These people also will tag the failures of capitalism as "creative destruction" or "the efficiency of the markets", and when communism fails, of course communism is the culprit. Talk of a double standard?!

Creative destruction, sometimes known as Schumpeter's gale, is a concept in economics which since the 1950s has become most readily identified with the Austrian-American economist Joseph Schumpeter who derived it from the work of Karl Marx and popularized it as a theory of economic innovation and the business cycle. (WIKI)

There is no need for so-called business cycles to have abundance as death is what awaits us all. This is the only process that can be called "creative destruction", when our body goes back into the food chain. While our consciousness reunites with The One Source.

However, what abundance do we have now? And what about this current the business cycle that could end the world as we know it with the rise of AI?

Most people generally want to work for corporations because they are often offered health benefits and other perks, and those will defend corporations regardless of any criticism, because to them the corporate environment seems rather fair. Just as Elon Musk thinks about AI: if you cannot beat it, join it. The whole corporate sector gives its workers the impression of safety. Working for global brand names may even be associated with fame as employees identify themselves with the success of the latter. Corporations have successfully engineered this analytical transfer so far. So far.

As truth seekers, we just got even more data to understand why so many politicians are so easily bought and sold by corporations pulling the strings. Though we should not trust that the UN will do anything about it . The UN is a parasitic body and has never done anything valuable since its inception . It cannot prevent starvation in Yemen and didn't intervene in the Rwandan genocide either, despite the fact that it knew something horrible was brewing. Let alone environmental concerns and slave wages still rampant throughout the planet. The UN Charter is a total hoax.

Here are a few weekly headlines that will be worth your time. If you happen to shake your head in disbelief, you are surely not alone. What is happening is beyond anything fathomable, we are living a " grand tragedy in real time" and odds are definitely tied. This is not even worth speculating at this time, all we can do is to stick to our moral compass, spread the word about a money-free society in any possible occasions, and of course limit our spendings to avoid prolonging the "planned agony" of the system.

Earth Custodians will shift to editorials dedicated to metaphysics and "mindset transitioning" after the new year. Blogging about same pervasive meritocartic corruption taking down the planet is slowly ending -- and shifting gear is necessary as EC seeks to remain a Lighthouse in the troubled times ahead.


At the Heart of Global Woes, 157 of World's 200 Richest Entities Are Now Corporations, Not Governments
"Many corporations are richer and more powerful than the states that seek to regulate them."...... Denouncing powerful governments for "routinely" opposing "the call of developing countries to hold corporations to account for their human rights impacts at the U.N.," Dearden said his group is "joining campaigns from across the world to tell the British government not to block this international demand for justice."... https://www.commondreams.org/news/2018/10/17/heart-global-woes-157-worlds-200-richest-entities-are-now-corporations-not

69 of the Richest 100 Entities on the Planet are Corporations, Not Governments, Figures Show
157 of top 200 economic entities by revenue are corporations not countries
Top 10 corporate revenues exceed $3 trillion
British government urged to support Binding Treaty to hold corporations to account at UN in Geneva this week
“The vast wealth and power of corporations is at the heart of so many of the world’s problems – like inequality and climate change. The drive for short-term profits today seems to trump basic human rights for millions of people on the planet. Yet there are very few ways that citizens can hold these corporations to account for their behaviour. Rather, through trade and investment deals, it is corporations which are able to demand that governments do their bidding.... https://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2018/10/17/69-richest-100-entities-planet-are-corporations-not-governments-figures-show

Dow Seeks to Expand Use of Bee-killing Pesticide to Additional 3 Million Acres. EPA Considering Allowing Use of Sulfoxaflor on Rice, Ornamental Plants (October 12, 2018)

Police Use Electronic Ticketing to Fine More People and Increase Profits (10/16/2018)

Frightening and dangerous future of warfare as ‘Robocalypse’ is on the horizon

Energy firms demand billions from UK taxpayer for mini reactors

Bayer's Monsanto faces 8,000 lawsuits on glyphosate


Well researched article. In conclusion, money is the route to all evil.

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yes, and while I am not religious, this is why greed is a capital sin, makes sense...

I am for getting rid of money and all the sociopathic followers of this sick religion of $$$$$$...

there is no way to prevent people from following the money because when money is present, people compete and collude... so getting rid of it is best

I agree ...Money is the only true religion on this planet. All religions follow it and would never speak evil of it no mattet how many have to die for it.. Makes one wonder. The only sensable thing is to do away with it entirly .. But most lack the imagination and intelegence to see a world without it.

Money is the only true religion on this planet.

amen LOL... exactly, most are conditioned by the "wealth effect" but unfortunately we now see the disaster, human and ecological.

I always love the argument that no one would do anything without money .... If one was to remove the useless work associated with money we would have far far less work that needs to be done ...the idea of making money for the sake of making money really has no real value and has created or grown nothing at the end of the day .

You have a great thinker @thelifeofbrian.... and I wish we could brainstorm some day. My blog exposes the illusion of value!

Well thank you and I have enjoyed your blog also .I have added you to my follows.. The thing I try to do is bring a solution to the problems I post ... I hate to not have a solution. Unfortunately I have the same problem as everyone else ... And have no solution as of yet to it https://steemit.com/science/@thelifeofbrian/people-deliberately-avoid-information-that-threatens-their-happiness
Great article to keep in mind when trying to make a point and get a thought across. Or are you really going to lol!

Yes I know another discombobulating fact, i am going to write about it and also mention your page.

Most people don't want to rethink their ideas because otherwise they would be lost, it is conditioning. Social conditioning

If you want to copy and paste a few articles of yours or share interesting links on the Earth custodians blog, let me know when I send you an invite

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So how does getting rid of money solve this? How will you keep the smart, skilled, and motivated from acquiring more than the slow, unmotivated and stupid?

How will we not starve to death without money? How will food be distributed?

How will resources be moved from where it is found to where it is needed? Who will do the work of digging up the resources?

Who in their right mind would give up their money? I don't see you giving up your money. I see you trying to maximize the amount of money you receive on this money based platform. I hear vague references to a "banner ad" campaign, but all I see is your wallet getting fatter.


Dow Seeks to Expand Use of Bee-killing Pesticide to Additional 3 Million Acres

try to address this instead... no bees no food... follow the money of course

yep $300 for the "money-free society banner " :) Money will be there until the transition has reached a critical mass

According to a report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture released Tuesday, honeybee populations are on the rise. As of April, an estimated 2.89 million bee colonies existed across the U.S., an increase of 3 percent compared to April 2016

The cause of the past decrease in bee population has so far been impossible to pin down. Therefore you can't know the answer... :-D

Maybe try following the money spent to correct the problem.


U.S. Department of Agriculture, from an agency that has allowed corporations take over the world/USA... yeah sure :)

spraying pesticides is good for nature... lol ... just like glyposate on crops...

the bees die off is based on commercial hives, whose numbers are known.. so it does have too an impact on wild bees.

dow, monsanto, bayer, all the same criminals

you have consistently resort to "data" that gives corporate criminals a pass. NO WOO-WOO, you are simply in denial that there is an agenda against humanity and nature, and that is where transhumanism fits in... even when Eloan Musk TELLS it like it is, you look the other way. So any data you post here points to your denial.

In-hive Pesticide Exposome: Assessing risks to migratory honey bees from in-hive pesticide contamination in the Eastern United States... Our results fly in the face of one of the basic tenets of toxicology: that the dose makes the poison. We found that the number of different compounds was highly predictive of colony death, which suggests that the addition of more compounds somehow overwhelms the bees’ ability to detoxify themselves.

We were surprised to find such an abundance of fungicides inside the hives, but it was even more surprising to find that fungicides are linked to imminent colony mortality,” said Kirsten Traynor, a postdoctoral researcher in entomology at UMD and lead author on the study. “These compounds have long been thought to be safe for bees. We’re seeing them at higher doses than the chemicals beekeepers apply directly to the colonies to control varroa mites. So that is particularly concerning.

Yep pesticides and glyphosate are are good for the environment... skyrocketing cancers and bees die off cannot be explained :)

its not called the 6th great extinction for no reason.. And amyone who listens to a scientist or politician with alegence to any political party is not thinking straight .

I lives in New Mexico for about 10 years, and knew several bee keepers, they ALL were baffled by the loss of bees

Pfft, what are those articles? They look like "mainstream data" to me...

You dumb mainstream data poster...they are all part of the conspiracy!!!


looks a lot like all the PRO GLYPHOSATE DATA you showed me once... :)

because fiat money is not a conspiracy perhaps? certainly not on the site that you praise and which bashes Max Igan.

I can do without your data, but again, that is why you dont listen to Musk when he speaks of human 2.0... you are in denial, no doubt about it... you cannot even see that corporatism IS fascism.

I can do without your data

This is the logical fallacy known as cherry picking, or the fallacy of incomplete evidence.

U.S. Department of Agriculture, from an agency that has allowed corporations take over the world/USA... yeah sure :)

So you have found problems with their data gathering? Or do you just dismiss data that disagrees with you out of hand? Let's see, did the woo woo fear mongerer actually check out the facts? Or did she just post more bullshit? Hmm, this is a tough one.

the bees die off is based on commercial hives, whose numbers are known..

Yes, and there are about 85,000 more hives than 2 years ago, or about 2.5 billion more bees. How does that happen when evil Monsanto and Bayer are killing all the bees?

dow, monsanto, bayer, all the same criminals

Nobody has been able to determine why the bees died off. But somehow you know how AND who...

Can you share your scientific findings with us lesser mortals?

Is the Guardian a left or right publication?

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newsweek and guardian is left leaning... harvard is generally right leaning

but here is another study published by Nature Mag

spraying 3 million hectares will have dire consequences, should it go through

Insecticides are depleting the soul's fertility. The insects are no longer present in the soil. With their excretion insects fertilises the soil, in consequence the food taste better and is more nutritive.

In the absence of tasty food, the food industry has to add sugar and salt to make it "tastier".
Paradox: Sugar and salt will kill us, just like the insects - "The hunter becomes the hunted".

We can produce food without insecticide, using pairing technology. It just needs a paradigm shift and a will from governments, as such the people to educate themselves on this subject, and vote for the right politicians.

This said, politicians are only a reflection of the people. Politicians are bred from the people. The people have to change first, the politics will then follow.

In respect to money, there are 2 things that drive money, greed and jealousy in that order. The latter could lead others to think, amongst others, that those who contribute and express to the related perspectives of money are "hypocrites".

Maybe the Venus Project could be "the solution" to money?

I find everyone's post/discussion here "nutritive".
Thank you for continuing this passionate intellectual narrative everyone.

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Harvard left or right?

Posted using Partiko Android

Is News Week a left or right publication?

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depending, sometimes right or left tells the truth and then I compare their data with alternative outlets... and make up my mind. But since I am very aware of the divide and conquer, I often see by myself which data is closer to the truth

The truth will be told only if it suites ones agenda ..left or right.

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